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Equalogic MP: offline Volumes

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Equalogic MP: offline Volumes

  • Hi everyone!

    Any idea how to handle (manually) offline volumes in the SCOM Management Pack?

    Unfortunately the MP raises an alert and changes to unhealthy state as soon as a volume is offline, even if it is configured by admin.

    Because the volumes are not discovered as class-instances, there is no change to configure an override.

    Thanks in advance,


  • Needed to clarify: What version of the MP are you using?

    Is this the "Dell EqualLogic : SCSI Logical Unit Status Changed" alert (available in 5.0 onwards) or the  "Dell EqualLogic : Volume Group Health Notification Alert"?

  • Hi Thomas Jacob!

    Im currently not onsite but the newest one what should be 5.0.



  • Can you please also confirm which alert (from the two mentioned above) this is?

    (One is generated by a unit monitor and the other is generated by a rule)

  • Hi!

    From the montior. The alert is: "Dell EqualLogic : Volume Group Health Notification Alert"



  • Hi Patrick The Unit Monitor alert is based off an API in the EqualLogic Helper Utility DLL. So, we would need to change the DLL to change the behavior. :( IIRC, we do exclude non-replica volumes from the health computation but not offline volumes currently. Regards Thomas
  • typo in my earlier response: it should read: "we do exclude replica volumes from the health computation..."

  • Thomas,

    thanks for your reply! So we will get a new version of the MP?



  • Hi! Again and again we are getting the same alerts at customers. Would you be able to tell me if and when that would be fixed? Thanks and best regards, Patrick
  • hey Team,

    I've have the exact same problem at a Customer. A few volume are offline, I've got the alert in SCOM, and I cannot fine tune it :(