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Systems Management

Systems Management
Dell Systems Management Solutions: Dell OpenManage, iDRAC, Repository Manager, Microsoft SCCM, Chassis Managment Controller, and more
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  • OME discovery and inventory error

    We recently installed OME (not an upgrade), and everything worked fine for the first little while I was testing. This morning I decided to add a new discovery range, and when I submitted it I recieved a farily verbose error: "Dell.ManagementEssentials.Exceptions.ItaDataAccessorException: Failed...
  • Info from discovered devices

    I am new to OME and I have just installed it on a Win 2008 R2 server and installed the server administrator on 2 remote servers. My problem is that- after the 2 servers were discovered; no info is available for their health status, service tags, device type, etc. What cause this and how can I reslove...
  • OME Not showing discovery ranges from ITA Upgrade

    Hi, I have recently upgraded from Dell IT Assistant 8.7 to OME and have run into a issue. In IT assistant all of our discovery ranges had appeared including our exclude ranges as well. And since the upgrade our Exclude ranges appear and include are not showing. Discovery and Inventory...
  • Dell Warranty Report not showing correct End Date

    We have noticed that in OME on a server the warranty start date shows correctly how ever its end does not. And in the dell warranty support page it does show correctly. This issue occours on OME 1.0.1 and 1.2 which on both produce the same result.