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Systems Management

Systems Management
Dell Systems Management Solutions: Dell OpenManage, iDRAC, Repository Manager, Microsoft SCCM, Chassis Managment Controller, and more
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  • OME 1.2.1 does not inventory some R720 servers

    Hi, I am using OME to update my servers' firmware, BIOS, LifeCycle Controller and using dell repository. I had a problem with some of my R720 boxes. Have removed them from OME than I have reset DRAC's and run hardware inventory on the boxes via DRAC. I have then run Discovery and Inventory...
  • Discovery and Inventory classification problems

    Currently I am testing Dell OpenManage Essentials v. OME server runs on WIndows 2008R2 64-Bit virtual with SQL Express. Initially I wanted to test with about 6 servers. I keyed them into the discovery range based on the IP or hostname. I was able to successfully Discover/inventory the...