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A server does not appear under the updates (M620)

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A server does not appear under the updates (M620)

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A Server(M620) does not appear under the updates, if I inventoried it via idrac.

Which Protokoll do i Need to make an inventory of a Server via idrac.

When i make an inventory with SNMP and IPMI the Server will recognized, but he is not displayed under Updates. Under "Problems and solutions for the updates" this Server is displayed with the trask "Carry out the determination and inventory of iDRAC with WS-MAN". But on that way the Server is not recognized.

What kind of Protokoll do i Need to recover the Server over idrac without OMSA.?

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  • Hi,

    In this case, the idrac needs to be discovered using WSMAN protocol. WSMAN retrieves Software inventory details from idrac, through which OME classifies the system either as Compliant or Non Compliant in System Update portal.  

  • That doesn't work

    If i take only the WS-man credentials OME says "not classified"