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Possible Bug - Discovery Ranges do not display correctly

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Possible Bug - Discovery Ranges do not display correctly

  • I'm running the latest OME 2.3.

    If I navigate to Manage->Discovery and Inventory, I have 3 Discovery ranges configured under the parent (All Ranges).

    If I select the 1st range in the left menu pane, the list of corresponding servers is correctly displayed in the right hand pane. However if i select the 2nd range in the left menu pane, whilst the title in the right pane changes, the list of servers displayed remains those of the first range.

    Further more no matter if i leave the discovery and inventory window, then come back and go straight to the 3rd discovery range in the left pane, the right pane continues to display the list of servers for the first range.

    Can someone confirm if this is a known bug or something else amiss? 


  • Hi, thanks for the query.

    When this happens, can you check if there are any exceptions logged in UI logs or Windows Event Viewer?

    If you could provide those logs / exception details, it will greatly help.



  • Hi Shivendra,

    Apologies for the delayed reply.

    Whilst i replicated this issue several times before posting this ticket, it now seems to be working correctly.

    I can only imagine it must have been a strange caching issue within the browser, as all is working well now.

    I didn't actually try closing and re-opening the browser which i will do if i see this again.

    But for now, all is well.

    Many Thanks