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Latest OME catalog does not offer latest firmware

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Latest OME catalog does not offer latest firmware

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I am running OME 2.3, and yesterday ran through some housekeeping/update checks. I updated the catalog to the latest version, and whilst going through some updates I noticed some discrepancies for some of my servers in terms of versions of firmware

For example.

I have an R330 which is compliant and up to date (as of 28th September 2017) with iDRAC version

However, I have another R330 which was shipped on 2nd July with a newer iDRAC firmware of version

Furthermore, if I look at the Dell Downloads page for the above service tag(s), I see that an even newer version is actually available.

Can anyone clarify why the discrepancies? Is the OME firmware downloads site behind on official releases, and if so how far behind is it? Looking up the oldest version ( it appears this firmware had a release date of 14 Nov 2016, which means the latest OME catalog is 10 months behind? Is this correct, or am i missing something here.

Edit: Just noticed my catalog source is set to http :// do i need to change this perhaps?

Many Thanks


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  • I would like to know the answer to this question too.

  • Hi, thanks for the query.

    iDRAC v2.50.50.50 promotion is in progress. Online catalog will get updated by end of this month. After which you can update the catalog in OME to apply desired firmware.



  • Hi Shivendra,

    Thanks for the reply. Although your response doesn't completely answer the question.

    Understandable that v2.50.50.50 is so new that it is still "in progess" but what about (released 21 March)

    I see that version is showing as available now in my OME, but it wasn't when i originally posted this on 28 September? So at the time, OME was at least 2 versions (ie 6 months) behind the curve?