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Servers missing in system update

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Servers missing in system update

  • Using the latest OME. After successfully applying updates to a server it tends to disappear.

    Pie chart reads 21 compliant, 24 non-compliant.

    Compliant tab lists 21 servers.

    non-compliant tab lists 11 servers, they disappear from here after successfully updating, but they do not appear in compliant, nor does the pie chart change.

    There are no servers under the non-inventoried systems.

    Where are the missing servers? How do I fix this?

  • Hi,

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Try clicking on "Refresh" button ( represented by rounded arrow mark) in the Non-Compliant tab.

    This will force OME to re-compute all complaint/non-compliant systems.

    Hope it helps.


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  • Was this resolved ? having same issue.


  • No.

    Have a ticket open with Dell. They have been working hard on it for a month. The developers have my database, they were able to replicate the problem from what I understand. They are working on a fix.

  • Update:

    This problem is seen only with 11G servers. Please get in touch with Dell Support for resolution.



  • I have been.

    Are you aware that this has been solved? It's been a month now and they haven't figured it out.

  • Yes, this has been solved.



  • Oh yeah, what's the solution. Tell us all so we can all benefit.

  • Did you get the solution ?

    Why wont someone just post so we can all benefit ?

  • You have to get a sql script from support. It will update a stored procedure that is causing the issue. It worked for me.

    I worked with, maybe he can give you the script.