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OME 2.3 and Troubleshooting Tool

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OME 2.3 and Troubleshooting Tool

  • I have a new install of OME 2.3 on Windows Server 2012 R2.

    I have installed all apps available in the installer at the time I installed OME and I am able to access them directly in the OS.

    I can run the troubleshooting tool in the OS and get wsman info on a DRAC.

    I can't use troubleshooting tool from within OME.

    It does not show up as connected in the Dell EMC Solutions tab and it is grayed out in any device dropdown in the devices list.

    How do I get OME to recognize that the troubleshooting tool is installed?

  • Hi Cameron,

    Thanks for the query.

    Please navigate to Settings -> General Settings page, enable "Allow Troubleshooting Tool Launch" checkbox under "Security Settings (ActiveX)" and click apply. This will initiate ActiveX component installation, allow it to proceed.

    Once the installation completes, OME should be able to detect Troubleshooting tool's presence and allow for subsequent operations.



  • Thanks Shivendra,

    The Allow Troubleshooting Tool checkbox was already enabled but ActiveX Status was listed as Not Installed. I was logged in to the OS as a user with Administrator permissions but not as the Administrator user.

    I logged in as the Administrator user and launched OME and noticed the access to the tool was available so I determined that this must have been a security setting for my user account.

    Not being a windows user here, please provide a walk through of the exact steps to safely allow ActiveX to be installed for a user so the Windows proprietary functionality can be installed to allow OME to function correctly.

    The convoluted security mess associated with Explorer and windows specific functionality such as ActiveX so overly complicates the simplest of tasks. Hopefully, your development of a modern version of OME that uses html5 and can run on Chrome and Linux is making progress.

  • Thanks for providing more information.

    Seems like only OME Administrators can launch TT from OME. Other OME Users do not have the permission.

    However, I will confirm on this behavior.

    On your other question, new tool is making progress. :)