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OME 2.3 Command Line crashes

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OME 2.3 Command Line crashes

  • If I try to launch the "Essentials Command Line Interface", it crashes immediately.

    Problem signature:

    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

    Application Name: LaunchOMEPowerShell.exe

    Application Version:

    Application Timestamp: 53d9e5ea

    Fault Module Name: KERNELBASE.dll

    Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.23807

    Fault Module Timestamp: 5915fe14

    Exception Code: c06d007e

    Exception Offset: 000000000001a06d

    OS Version: 6.1.7601.

    Locale ID: 1033

    Additional Information 1: 79df

    Additional Information 2: 79dfbcacf61883e68177790c5410ed25

    Additional Information 3: 0444

    Additional Information 4: 044472da9886650748b7f9e90698292f

  • Hi, thanks for the query.

    There are some updates to CLI interface with OME 2.3. Right now we are in process of posting the updated CLI guideline white paper. With updated instruction your problem might get resolved. I would request you to hold on to using CLI at this point. I will update this thread once we have the document online for your referral.

    Thanks for understanding.



  • Hi,

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Few clarifications to understand the environment better,

    1. What is the operating system ?

    2. Have you removed ASP .net 3.5 version ?

    3. Is this a fresh installation or upgrade from previous version?



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  • 1. 2008 R2

    2. ASP.NET is installed under the role Web Server/Application Development.  It doesn't say 3.5 though.

    3. This was an upgrade over OME 2.2

  • The white paper link is up now. Please refer the same and see if it helps resolve the issue.



  • I looked at the white paper and don't see where it talks about problems like what I'm experiencing.

  • There is change in configuration XML tags (new added for SNMP v3). Wanted to ensure that is not causing it.



  • Just trying to launch the shell is where it crashes, before I actually try to use it to do anything useful.

  • Just noticed from your earlier reply.

    .Net 3.5 is needed for CLI to work. Check the settings on the server, install .Net 3.5 if it is missing. Restart and try launching CLI again.



  • It is installed... any other ideas?

  • Nothing other than uninstalling and installing it back again, then give a try with CLI.

    Running out of ideas at this point.



  • Can you forward the crash dump info shown above to the development team?

  • Sure, I will do that and update you back.



  • Is it possible for you to share the .dmp file for full crash dump?



  • Sure, where is the crash dump file stored?