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Devices not appearing in System Update

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Devices not appearing in System Update

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Have over 100 boxes discovered and inventoried fine.

Upgraded to 2.3 this morning.

Now, with 2 of our devices which were non-compliant last week & we were working on, they neither appear in compliant or non-compliant windows in OME.  I forced an inventory, switched to the compliant window, saw the server briefly appear (for a second or so) then it disappeared before I had chance to click it. Didn't make it to non-compliant or the non-inventoried window.

No errors in the tasks that I can see. 

Anyone else having this issue - or suggestions for a fix please?



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  • Hi,

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Can you please try refresh button on Non-Compliant page of system update? This will force OME to re-compute all compliant/non-compliant systems.

    Let us know if it helps.


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  • already tried that.

  • Having the same issue here, only started upon installing 2.3.

    A lot of others are having this issue and I am hoping we can get acknowledgement of the issue here, at the very least.

  • We tried the scenario mentioned here and could not reproduce the problem. I would request you to get in touch with Dell Support. They can take a closer look at your setup / environment and help resolve the problem.



  • Can we resolve this issue here ? I have the same problem. Server not appearing in any of the System Update tabs but is counted in the summary graph in the first tab.

    Any updates ? I deleted the server and let OME re-discover it and I forced a re-inventory. Still not showing. Rebooted server many times.


  • Update:

    This problem is seen only with 11G servers. Please get in touch with Dell Support for resolution.