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How ome monitor the dell hardware

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How ome monitor the dell hardware

  • Hi,

    I am using 12th generation servers, do i need to create any user on the servers for dell ome to monitor the hardware server or will it use snmp only.

    How OME will discover the server, and will it be possible to restart the hardware with out dell ome license from dell ome tool.


  • No Bharat. No user creation is needed on the monitored server if you are using SNMP protocol. Read only snmp community string will suffice.

    To remote power operations, you will have to provide the user credentials in the specific power operation tasks.

    Refer this whitepaper for more information on discovery.



  • Hi Manoj,

    I am trying to monitor the Dell Vertex chasis and blades, but i am not able to send the test traps from them, i tried but its not reaching on dell ome, can you please help here.

    Urgent help is appreciated.

    Thanks Bhai. :)


  • Hi Bharat,

    Can you use Trouble shooting tool installed along with OME to check whether the SNMP trap is reaching OME system?

    - Check whether the firewall is enabled in OME system which blocks the reception.

    - What is the trap version ?



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