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OME 2.1 now duplicating MD arrays in device list.

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OME 2.1 now duplicating MD arrays in device list.

  • I recently updated OME to 2.1 from 2.0, MD arrays (32xx, 34xx) now appear to duplicate over time. It doesn't happen right away but over the course of a week it appears to have created at least 4 or 5 instances of each device. I can delete the devices and and re-run discovery and inventory and it picks them up just fine without duplicates. Also, I saw this was an issue earlier posted, and the suggested fix was switching discovery to NetBIOS from DNS, this did not solve the issue.

  • Hi Adam,

    Couple of questions:

    • Is this happening for all the MD arrays in you network?
    • Is there a specific time after which this happens?
    • What is the MD array model? Is it a mix of models or a specific model?
    • Are you able to get the service tag of these MD array devices?

    This might turn out to be a case for support ticket as it is difficult to root cause the duplication of devices remotely.



  • Thanks Adam, based on the earlier posts we were able to reproduce this behavior and looks like this is a bug introduced in discovery of daisy chained MD Array with multiple enclosures.

    Can you confirm the inventory of the affected MD devices and see multiple enclosures in the device details page?

    If yes, please raise a support ticket @ 800-945-3355 . We are working on the fix for the above issue
    and support team will be able to help you get this fix via appropriate channel.


  • Yeah this is happening for every MD array we have, they are a mix of the 32xx and 34xx models. SAS and fibre attached. It appears to happen once a day during inventory.

  • Thanks Adam. Like Vijay mentioned, good to have a support ticked raised so that it can be looked into more closely.



  • What's the best way to open a ticket directly with you guys?

  • Hey Adam, you aren't the only one.  Been having the same problem.  

  • You can open a support ticket by calling 800-945-3355 .


  • You are correct Vijay, it is happening only on MD's with expansions. I am attempting to raise a ticket now.

  • Hi guys, I called in about this issue after it was recommended to raise and ticket and was told there was no fix. This is just me following up hoping someone has a remedy for this issue. I am still having to delete duplicated arrays constantly.

  • I have the same issue man, very irritating.  

  •  One of our Dell storage devices went haywire this morning a Dell MD3600, sadly, no one was able to predict it due to the continuous replication of storage devices described in the original post of this thread.  Is there going to be a fix for this soon?  

  • Jason,

    Someone contacted me from the OME team with a fix, they sent me a file to replace one the OME host that they won't be rolling out until 2.2 mid year. Let me know if you want his email.

    edit: it does however change you over to an engineering beta license

  • I'm fine with that, better than having to improv deal with failed storage devices.  

    <ADMIN NOTE: Email id removed per privacy policy>

    Thanks a bunch man!  I super appreciate it!

  • Adam, 

    I am also having this problem, would it be possible to point me to the contact on the OME team?

    I think it's more than a little ridiculous to leave this unfixed for months, particularly with no good way to open a support ticket for OME.