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Dell M1000e chassis shows up as Asst Tag name under RAC group instead of DNS name

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Dell M1000e chassis shows up as Asst Tag name under RAC group instead of DNS name

  • I have 7 Dell M1000e chassis in OME. All of them are showing with their DNS name under RAS group but only 2 are showing with their Asset Tag number instead of DNS name. I checked and double checked and compare setting between these two chassis and rest of the chassis. I don't see any difference. I do see this error message in application logs in OME:

    "Discovery is re-using the database entry for Device Dell Rack System - 8L43HJ1
    based on name only. Either discovery could not obtain MAC Address information
    for the device during a previous discovery or there are two devices on the
    network with the same name."

    and this

    "Device name change has been detected (old name:, new
    name:Dell Rack System - 8L43HJ1, internal ID: -909368844)"

    I made sure there are no duplicate MAC conflict.


  • Is "" DNS name of "Dell Rack System - 8L43HJ1" or some other device ?

    Please delete the discovery range associated with this CMC and re-add it. Run discovery and inventory.

    What is the expected DNS name for this CMC ?

    Can you ping the CMC DNS name from OME server ?

    If "Name Resolution" setting under "Manage -> Discovery and Inventory -> Discovery Schedule" is set to DNS, then OME discovery task tries fetch DNS name for the device being discovered. If DNS name could not be obtained for some reason, device instrumentation name (hostname) will be used.

    On deleting a device, the device ID is archived so that any tasks associated with this target is not impacted. When the same device is re-discovered the old deviceID is reused based on the matching MAC address.


    Raj Shresta

  • is DNS name for Dell Rack System - 8L43HJ1. The expected DNS name is txpla02dellch02. I can ping the CMC by its DNS name for OME server. I was using Netbios for "Name Resolution". I changed that to DNS and that resolves the issue