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iDRAC health unknown; some missing.

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iDRAC health unknown; some missing.

  • I have 2 blades (M805 & M620) that I can access the DRAC via the CMC.  When I run discover & inventory on the OME, they show as unknown but connected.  I've right clicked and ran the troubleshooting test (IPML) and it connects fine.  What am I missing.

    Also I have an additional 5 blades that the DRACs are not showing up in OME even though they are accessible via CMC.

    They has to be some simple I'm missing.  This machines are identical hardware-wise.  Two are Linux and the rest are Win2008R2.

    At present, I'm using the default DRAC user & password.


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your post. It would be ideal to use SNMP protocol for discovering the blades. If you have OMSA installed on those blades, you will get detailed hardware inventory and overall hardware health of those blades in OME.

    If you are not using SNMP and if you are running windows OS on the blades, you can also use WMI for discovery.

    For DRACs to show up in OME, the DRAC IP addresses should be part of OME discovery range. You can use SNMP or IPMI to discovery DRACs. If you are using SNMP, please check the community string entered in discovery wizard matches with the devices. It is case sensitive.

    For Linux servers, you will have to install OMSA and use SNMP for discovery.

    There are Tutorials in OME which will guide you through both windows and Linux discovery process.



  • At present, I just trying to discovery & inventory the DRACsin a blade enclosure.  All IPs are included in the discovery range.  I was told by a DELL person to use IPML credentials for DRACs.  The problem is some of the discovered DRACS are showing up as "Health Status" unknown or not showing what at all.  For the most part these are identical blades.  What other things could cause a DRAC not being discovered or being discovered and having the "Health Status" unknown?

  • Thanks for the updates.

    As I mentioned before you can use either IPMI or SNMP to discover iDracs. If you are using IPMI for the iDracs which are not showing up at all, you can use the IPMI test from the troubleshooting tool. Provide the iDrac IP address and the credentials you use to check if you are able to talk to that iDrac using those credentials from OME machine.

    For the iDracs showing unknown health, you can try deleting those from device tree and re-running the discovery again.

    For M805 which is a 10G server, you will get overall system health if you discover the blade with OMSA on it. iDrac monitors limited hardware for that generation of server and health status received from OMSA covers more components.

    For M620, which is 12G server, discovering iDrac over SNMP will give you overall system health which will not be available when you discover it using IPMI. IPMI will give you limited information and will not provide the same overall system health which is available over SNMP.