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Does OME really work??

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Does OME really work??

  • Does this product even work?  Sorry but based on my previous experience with Compaq Insight Manager, These Dell tools just are not cutting it.  I am close to throwing it all out and doing all updates manually.  I came to these forums looking for answers and I see problems problems problems.  Please tell me is this really working for anyone?  Does it really do anything? Or do most of you share my sentiments?  Quite disappointing.

  • Hi erlang and thanks for the post.

    We're proud that we've had a very active support forum for OpenManage Essentials.  We answer all questions promptly and, when appropriate, will refer the poster to Dell Support so that they can collect more detailed information to help find a resolution.

    Remember that as a support forum, the vast number of people posting here will be trying to resolve questions or issues.  If you dig, you can see that lots of them are brought to resolution.   I'm not sure how many people will be taking the time to post unsolicited praise of the product---though I welcome it :-).

    You say that you came to the forum for answers.  Is there a question you have that I can help try to answer?

    We welcome feedback, product feature requests, and troubleshooting in this forum.

    I'm sorry you are disappointed, but if you can be more specific as to your trouble, I'd love the opportunity to try and help you.

    OpenManage Essentials provides for discovery, inventory, health monitoring of Dell devices as well as patching of servers.  There are a number of videos and whitepapers on that can provide some overview of the features.  But as I said, I am glad to assist in questions you may have on the product.

    If you have specific details you can give us on your update trouble let us know.



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  • Dell s/ware updates have been very disappointing in trying to execute them. Doing updates is quite a chore, but search for "The easiest way to update a Dell Server's Firmware" by Bob Plankers and you will get a method that at least works.