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Ignore Unknown (PC's and Laptops) and Printers

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Ignore Unknown (PC's and Laptops) and Printers

  • So far love the new OpenManage Essentials. I would like to be able to ingnore the unknon devices and printers. We have rmote offices where servers, switches, printers, computers, etc are all on the same subnet. The "junk" data is polluting the Home Portal and reports. Anyone know how i might accoplish this without spending days excluding the IPs for these devices?

  • If you select the Instrumented Devices option in the Discovery schedule it will only discover the configured Dell Devices-  

    From page 67 of the users guide - support.dell.com/.../UG_en.pdf

    Manage - > Discovery and Inventory - > Configuration -> Discovery Schedule.

    Discover -  

    • All Devices—Select to discover all devices that

    respond to an Internet Control Message Protocol

    (ICMP) ping.

    • Instrumented Devices—Select to discover only

    devices that have instrumentation (such as Dell

    OpenManage Server Administrator, Dell

    OpenManage Array Manager, and Dell

    PowerConnect) for Simple Network Management

    Protocol (SNMP), Windows management

    Instrumentation WMI), Intelligent Platform

    Management Interface (IPMI) management, or WSManagement

    (WS-Man). See agents supported for

    more information about systems

  • Thanks for the reply that got rid of all the unknown but still have all the printers. Could they be coming from SNMP?

  • Yep.  Printers are discovered via SNMP.  You can right-click hide the Printer node in the device tree.  But I guess that won't be everything you are looking for.


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  • I believe if we turn on the Instrumented Devices option we aren't able to discover some of our VMware ESX/i servers. Is there a workaround for this?

  • Thanks for the update.

    I have not heard of this before. To undetrstand the issue correctly, you are saying you choose "Intrumented Devices" as a discovery option for Discovery schedule and use WS-MAN to discover your ESXi hosts and those do not get discovered. I was able to discover ESXi server with Instrumented devices as discovery option. Can you try running troubleshooting tool WS-MAN test against those servers?

    We'll do some more testing on our end to see if we can reproduce the issue.



  • We didn't have that option set to enable WS-Man Discovery. I've since enabled this and will test overnight.