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OME Failed Upgrade Tasks

  • I have OME installed and successfully discovered and inventoried my 11G servers.  I downloaded the update catelog and have identified some servers that our non-compliant.  When I run the update task it goes to 100% complete in less than 2 seconds and no update occurs.....any ideas?

  • Hi and thanks for the post.  Can you right click on the job and view the details.  Sometimes there is useful information in there that can help us get an idea as to what went wrong.


  • The details shows the folllowing:  : "No execution history details are available for this task."

    As you can see not much info.

  • Can you confirm that version of OME you are running?

    - Check the content @ C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\SysMgt\Essentials\SystemUpdate\Cabinets

    - Did the cabinet folders get created and the time stamp for them should be current also they have a content in them

    - Also re-start the task manager service  DSM Essentials Task Manager



  • Thank You for taking the time to respond Rob.  Here are the answers:

    Version: OpenManage Essentials

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\SysMgt\Essentials\SystemUpdate\Cabinets is empty.  There are no files or subfolders.

    The DSM Essentials Task Manager has been restarted.

    Looks like the problem might be the fact that I don't have any content in the Cabinets folder.....any idea how to resolve?

  • ok, so you need to make sure you have access to the internet from that machine. If the content in the cabinet is empty then the packs did not get downloaded so you probably  do not have access to the from that machine.

    You can try typing in the browser.  

    Also, there are proxy settings under OME prefs you may need to set.  Review the text/tooltips in the proxy settings for more info on this.

    Hope this helps.


  • Was able to successfully go to from a browswer within the OME server.  Any way to populate the Cabs without using the OME update catalog wizard?

  • So, just to confirm, does it show that you have the latest catalog?  Can you let me know what version is reporting?

    Do you have proxy settings in your IE browser config?  If so, did you copy them to the OME proxy prefs?



  • Wanted to post the solution.  Giving full control NTFS permissions to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\SysMgt\Essentials\SystemUpdate  folder has corrected the problem.   The job runs successfully now.

  • thanks for posting this.  We will update the FAQ and review more...



  • I was having the same problem and found this thread.  I didn't what account you wanted to change the permissions on, so I chose authenticated users.  Now my task launches, but is stuck at 0%.  Frustrating...

  • The account you have logged on to OME with, needs to have permissions on the System Updates folder listed above. OME will show the logged on user name on the top right corner. You can hover over the name and it'll show you the groups the account belongs to. You can check if the account is part of OMEAdministrators group.

    You can find more information about update tasks in another thread listed below

  • Stopping and starting the DSM task manager is necessary as mentioned elsewhere in this thread.  I did this, then recreated the task and it launched.  Look for a start time in addition to progress.  

  • Thanks for the update. Let us know if you run into any other issues.