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Monitor blade servers via Drac

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Monitor blade servers via Drac

  • Hi.

    Im trying to get OME to work properly. and i believe i might not have setup my Chassis/server dracs correctly.

    The Chassis's CMC is detected correctly, but none of my M805 blades are detected at all.

    I dont have OMSA installed, since they all are esxi hosts, but i wanted to atleast get drac information.

    The following firmware versions are running:

    CMC 2.0

    idracs on blades, 1.60

    Firmware on blades 2.3.3

  • Hello,

    Do you discovered the esxi with WS-MAN credentials ?

    About OpenManage, you can install it on ESXi too

  • DarkingDK - you have to put the IPs for the DRACs and blade servers into discovery as well - simply discovering and inventorying the CMCs will not put the rest of the components in for you - as helpful and nice as that would be.

  • Hi.

    I both scan the ip's (we have a management network, and i scan the entire range), and i also tried giving it both ws-man and ipmi credentials, but no such luck. I assume the credentials it wants is the ones used to login to the cards (in my case the default root/calvin).

    Unfortunately no luck.

  • Have you tried the Troubleshooting Tool bundled with OME? WS-MAN works on my DRACs, you need to make sure it's enabled on them.

  • Could you enlighten me as to where to enable it?

    I get the following error when using the troubleshooting tool (thanks for that advice, did not know it existed!)


    WSMAN Not recognized error.

  • Ah! christ.. i figured out how to enable ipmi, and i can detect servers that way.. thanks a bunch for the help!

  • Good to know that your issue is resolved.

    To summerize, you can discover DRACs using IPMI or SNMP. For discovering ESXi servers you use WS-MAN.

    For Windows servers you can use SNMP or WMI.

    For Linux and classic ESX servers you use SNMP.

    You will have to include the blade server IPs along with the CMC IP in the discovery range for all the blades to show up under modular chassis group.

  • Yeah snmp would be obvious, but i basically cannot find that setting on any of the dracs. Its easy to find in the CMC

  • In the iDrac console, you can find the setting under iDrac Settings->Network/Security->Services under the SNMP Agent table. You can enable it and set the community string for the same.

  • Yeah thats where it starts to get wierd.

    On my M805 blade, under Idrac, network/security and services i have the following selections:

    Local Configuration

    Web Server




    System Recovery Agent

    I checked on the CMC and under the same settings It is allready enabled with public community

  • You are right for M805(10G servers) there is no SNMP agent for discovery in iDrac. It was added for 11G servers. You will have to use IPMI for iDrac discovery.

    You can configure the iDrac to send SNMP traps though. You will find the community string setting for the same under iDrac->Network security.