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Health Status - Unknown

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Health Status - Unknown

  • Hi, I upgraded to OME this morning from ITA 8.9. After a discovery, 90% of my servers are now coming up a Unknown (purple question mark) for Health Status. These servers were reporting fine in 8.9

  • richm_tw

    Hi, I upgraded to OME this morning from ITA 8.9. After a discovery, 90% of my servers are now coming up a Unknown (purple question mark) for Health Status. These servers were reporting fine in 8.9

    Hi Rich, thanks for taking the time to post.  I have a few questions that will help us identify the problem.

    Are the servers being correctly catagorized under the "Server" node?

    What protocol are you using to discover the servers?

    If SNMP, is the community string set correctly in the wizard?

    Do you have OMSA installed on the server?  



  • Hi Rob....

    Yes, they are correctly under the Server Node.

    Just standard SNMP discovery is being used

    Community string is correct

    OMSA is installed on all servers.

    If did an upgrade on my ITA 8.9, so it imported everything that I had. These servers have been reporting correctly for many months now

    Another note, the few servers with a green health status and saying OFF for connection status

  • Ok, another question.  If you right click on a server and run the status check directly, does it show up?

  • If I right click on a server and run refresh status, nothing changes..still unknown. I can bring up the Details for each servers and under Software Agent Information, the Agent Global Status is all unknown

  • Hmmm...ok.  

    Let's try rebooting your OME server.  You should not have to do this, but it is worth a try.

     If that doesn’t help at all then perhaps:

     I would recommend you try the trouble-shoot tool on a few of the servers you believe to be good to absolutely determine if it is an issue in environment or in OME.  If it doesn’t show hostname info and OMSA info then it may be an environment issue (although ITA does work).

    The troubleshooting tool is installed to your desktop.  The SNMP test should return your OMSA version info.

    If a particular server is good with t-shoot tool, I would go back to OME immediately, right click and ‘refresh status’.  And then wait and then right click on ALL DEVICES at the top of the tree and do “Refresh”.  We can also try re-running discovery on that range.

    Though I expect you have tried some of these things.

    The migration should have migrated the status of the servers as well.  If this does not work, I will need to 

    get you to open a trouble ticket so we can collect logs, etc., for more detailed review.



  • I have rebooted and that has not helped. I use the SNMP Connection tool (the command line one) and both SNMP and OMSA are working fine when i poll a server. I refresh the same server in OME and it still shows up as Health Status Unknown

  • Ok...let's see then.

    When you look at the Inventory info on the device with Unknown health, do you see any data under the Agent Info table?  You should see OMSA and a few others.  Is there good data there, but just the status for all is purple?


  • Yes, it shows me version numbers of OSMA, Storage Management and Inventory Collector Agent but the status next to those are all purple

  • Ok, let's try this small test.

    1. Delete one of the servers from the device tree.

    2. Create a new discovery range with just that one device in it.

    3. Run disc/inv on that single range and see what it looks like after completing discovery.

  • the disc/inv is still "trying" to run. 0% complete and I started it about 10 minutes ago on a single device. The last updated status has changed because that is at the current time. I am just going to uninstall the whole software and start from scratch. it is still have a bunch of issues, I will go back to 8.9 until newer updates are released.

    A couple of other things i noticed...

    In the reports, you have some custom reports that are nice but I did like being able to create my own reports, I do not see that option anymore

    monitoring esx 4.1i servers still does not seem to work but hard for me to tell since I really cannot get anything to work

  • Monitoring ESX 4.1i is now possible with WS-Man  the tutorials section has a walk-through on how to setup monitoring a ESXi server.  

    it sounds like there is some corruption from the old ITA database as a normal single server discovery is not running properly.  

  • ok, thanks. I will try WS-Man once I reinstall the application

  • Hmmm, can you tell if the two  DSM Essentials services are running?

    Sorry, no custom reports for this release.  But there is a pretty good list of pre-defined reports that pretty much display all of the inventory we collect.  You can also drag the column heads up to the drop area on the grid to provide additional sorting.

    For ESXi, there are some steps needed to set up ESXi monitoring.  I will post a new thread since this will be good info for all.  



  • I started uninstalling it so I do not. I knew thread on Esxi monitoring would be great. That is the whole reason why we have been waiting for this release. Thank you