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Discrepancy Between Systems Update Summary and System Update Compliant Lists

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Discrepancy Between Systems Update Summary and System Update Compliant Lists

  • Howdy,

    There are two servers in my OME that are not showing up in the list of compliant\non-complaint devices.  These two servers were originally showing up as non-compliant.  I applied all outstanding updates to them (and verified success of the updates from the task logs).  The servers disappeared from the non-compliant list, but did not re-appear in the compliant list (or the non-inventoried list).

    The two servers do appear in the main device list and are accounted for in the system update summary page (pie chart shows correct number of compliant systems if you include the two missing servers).

    I have re-run discovery and inventory on the servers.  I have rebooted them and re-run discovery and inventory again.  The two servers show correct system inventory versions (from their respective Server Administrator applications).  I have rebooted OME server and re-run inventory again.

    Overnight, the two servers showed up on the non-inventoried list (discovery and inventory run automatically nightly).  I am not sure why the automatic process made them show up and the manual process did not.   I manually initiated an inventory task on the two servers.  They promptly disappeared from the non-inventoried list and did not re-appear anywhere else.

    OME Version 2.3

    Server 1: PE R620, iDRAC7 & Lifecycle, BIOS 2.5.4, OMSA 8.5

    Server 2: PE M610 Blade, iDRAC6 3.80, Lifecycle, BIOS 6.4.0, OMSA 8.5

    I have updated other servers of identical hardware specs around the same time as these two servers and all have behaved as expected in OME.  These are the only two with this problem.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hi,

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Can you please try refresh button on Non-Compliant page of system update? This will force OME to re-compute all compliant/non-compliant systems.

    Let us know if it helps.


    Social Media Support

  • Refreshing has no effect on the problem.

  • This is a long shot, but it has happened to me......Try deleting them from OME and then run the Discovery. Sometime weird things can happen on Firewalls. If they are not re-discovered, then check f/w rules.



  • I did that a few times before I submitted the original post.

  • Having the same issue here, only started upon installing 2.3.

    A lot of others are having this issue and I am hoping we can get acknowledgement of the issue here, at the very least.

  • We tried the scenario mentioned here and could not reproduce the problem. I would request you to get in touch with Dell Support. They can take a closer look at your setup / environment and help resolve the problem.



  • Update:

    This problem is seen only with 11G servers. Please get in touch with Dell Support for resolution.