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OME Update catalog fails OME Version

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OME Update catalog fails OME Version

  • I'm attempting to update the OME catalog on 3 different servers and get the same error on all.  "Import Dell Version Control Catalog for System Update from http// failed. Exception message: Catalog signature verification failed. Please enable/verify proxy settings if require.

    I checked with our proxy team and they see attempts to are working but attempts to http// are getting forcibly closed by the remote host.  

    Any ideas on how to fix this?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the query. If http based url is having problem, try accessing ftp based url.


    Let us know if this helps.


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  • For some reason, post is truncating the url.

    ftp : / / / catalog /

    basically, replace http with ftp.


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  • I've tried both with the same results. 

  • I had the same issue and resolved it by installing the certificate of the

    1. Download
    2. right click cab file
    3. Properties
    4. Digital Signatures
    5. Select certificate
    6. Details
    7. View certificate
    8. Install certificate

    After import of both certificates I was able to get the latest catalog in OME.

  • I tried this without any luck.

    I contacted my Dell contact and he provided me a link for a fix and that worked.  It specifically addressed an issue with McAfee and even though we don't use McAfee the first solution fixed my issue..


  • The solution provided by Makeafee resolved the issue for me as well.

  • Lucky us that McAffee provides a solution ;)