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PowerVault MD3260

  • I've created a discovery range with the "Discover PowerVault storage" option checked.  It finds both units, however they don't show up under compliant or non-compliant, and they periodically go into an unknown status.  Re-running a discovery/inventory fixes it temporarily.

    Any ideas?

  • Hi there,

    Can you confirm you are running the 1.1.1 patch on this OME server?

    They won't show up under the compliant tab since system update only applies to PowerEdge Servers.

    Hope that helps.


  • It looks like I'm running, however I know I attempted to install 1.1.1 at some point.  Will updating it impact any of the devices it's discovering?  

  • Actually, I saw the command in that article and I"m running

  • Ok, yeah, so that command shows you are running 1.1.1, so that's good.  That resolved some of the issues going to unknown.

    A few other questions.

    1. Are you managing devices over a WAN?

    2. Have you modified the status polling time from what the default had?



  • The status polling time is set to the default of 1 hour currently.  I was worried about creating an excessive amount of traffic if I lower that.

  • And these are not managed over a WAN.  Both have local IP addresses on our network.

  • Ok,

    So I think we should open a ticket on this (800-945-3355 ).  There may have been a few cases like this and I'm hopeful the support team can offer more guidance.