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[Solved] Unable to view VM Guest (Hyper-V)

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[Solved] Unable to view VM Guest (Hyper-V)

  • Hi,

    I am unable to view Virtual Machine from 2 Hosts Hyper-V and It's ok for all other Hyper-V (~30).

    Host 1 (Normal)

    Host 2 (No VM)

    In the Troubleshooting Tool for both, I have :

    in WMI : 

    MAC Address 1 MAC
    Windows NameSpace Present
    Dell Server Agent NameSpace Present
    IPMI NameSpace Present
    Virtualization Present

    and in SNMP :

    MIB-II (System Name) name
    MIB-II (MAC Address) MAC
    Server Administrator (Version) 7.2.0
    Storage Management (Agent Version) 4.2.0
    Inventory Collector (Agent Version) 7.2.0

    We use only SNMP and WMI in discovery range

    So if someone has an idea, I'm interested.

    Best Regards

  • Hmmm....anything special about the network?  Solid LAN?  Variable WAN?  

    I wonder if you can just try WMI without SNMP to see if there is a difference.

    This whitepaper (www.delltechcenter.com/ome) may have a bit of info on hyperv.




    DELL-Rob C
    Social Media Support

  • Hi than's to reply Smile,

    All network than I manage are not local, they are remote (by VPN).

    The only things different is the Forest (and domain) name is composed (a.b.c) and other forest (and domain)  name are in (d.e).

    All domains that I manage are in independent forest (AD).

    Discover without SNMP, not found Vm name's, we lose few informations (battery status, etc...)

    I I had already looked the white paper posting...

    Any other Idea ?

    Best Regards.

  • Hmmm...I can't think of any other ideas at the moment.  Perhaps the support team can direct you in the right direction.  You can open a ticket by calling 800-945-3355.

    Best regards,


    DELL-Rob C
    Social Media Support

  • I just found!!

    All my servers are in French, and the search criteria for VM are in English, modifying the criteria it works.

    Info for the changes I made:
    Line 9835 of \Dell\SysMgt\Essentials\configuration\DataFormatterFiles\Insrtuctions\FormatInstructions.xml
    change :

    <variable name="PPA::Expression" type="PPA::String">(contains (KEY(31f854cd-8ec8-45c5-91a7-197a5be99948),"Virtual"))</variable>

    To :

    <variable name="PPA::Expression" type="PPA::String">(contains (KEY(31f854cd-8ec8-45c5-91a7-197a5be99948),"Virtual") || contains (KEY(31f854cd-8ec8-45c5-91a7-197a5be99948),"virtuel"))</variable>
    Line 9856 (same file)
    change :

    <variable name="PPA::Expression" type="PPA::String">(contains (KEY(31f854cd-8ec8-45c5-91a7-197a5be99948),"Host"))</variable>
    to :

    <variable name="PPA::Expression" type="PPA::String">(contains (KEY(31f854cd-8ec8-45c5-91a7-197a5be99948),"Host") || contains (KEY(31f854cd-8ec8-45c5-91a7-197a5be99948),"informatique"))</variable>

    It works for me.

    If you can tell the issue to software developper to fix in futur version, that will help...

    Thank you for everything.
  • Very interesting update :-)

    I will be sure to raise this with the dev team.



    DELL-Rob C
    Social Media Support

  • Hi,

    Very interesting indeed. Just a few things i wanted to understand,

    • Is your OME machine also in FRENCH?
    • What is different between the 2 HyperV Hosts which are not showing up the VMs and the other Hyper V Hosts ?

    As you have mentioned, that all your Machines are in French, we would expect this issue for all the Hyper V Hosts. But it is not. It is happening only with two of them. This will help us in narrowing down the issue. 

    Your help is appreciated.



  • Hi,

    • the OME machine is also in FRENCH.
    • This info is wrong, I thinked other machine can retrieve information but that was cached information...
    I think it's a windows Update on the OME machine that change the parameters, probably between February 8 and March 17 2013.
  • Thanks for the information. It was a lot of help.

    It should help us in making sure we do not land up in such issues again.



  • Hi from germany,

    we have the same problem with our Hyper-V Virtual Machines. None of them is detected as Hyper-V VM, all are "not classified".

    SNMP and WMI is working on the Hyper-V Hosts and on the guests. All of our servers are installed with german language as default.

    I tried to make the changes in the FormatInstructions.xml, but I have problems finding the right string in germany language. Can anybody help me?

    OME 2.2 was installed today, did not fix the problem.

    Thanks, Daniel

  • Hello again,

    Problem not solved with OME 2.3

    Can anybody help?


  • OME 2.3 does not address this problem yet.

    You will have to use the workaround mentioned in this thread.



  • The problem is: How to modify the formatinstructions.xml that my "german" servers are recognized correctly??

  • I would request you to reach out to Dell Support. They can take a closer look and assist on the problem.