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Active catalog

  • Umm,

    Why does the Active Catalog ( have a date as 25th October 2011?

    Many updates have been released since then, but I can't seem to make OME get a hold of them.


    John Bradshaw

  • Hi John,

    Usually, it is some sort of permissions problem.  Either proxy (see OME preferences/proxy settings).  Or folder permissions maybe (FAQ 6.4)

    A few other thoughts...when you click View Active Catalog and click update, what happens?  Are there details in the task details (right click).

    What happens when you run IE and enter  Does the dell ftp site come up?

    Sorry, I don't have a console in front of me at the moment.  Hopefully my notes are correct.


  • Maybe a few other ideas on page 180-181 of the UG.

  • goes thru fine.

    if i click View Active Caltle dog then it just shows a screen of four or 5 information lines and

    Newer Version Available: NO

    I'll check out the links above and report back