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Does OME really work??

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Does OME really work??

  • We only update BIOS, BMC, PERC and Drac as needed.  We do NOT as a rule update nic drivers unless we are having issues.  So, I was instructed to make my own custom repository with just those firmware/drivers.  I did this, loaded it into OME and still had all the NIC updates, Lifecycle stuff and pretty much everything.  So that was depressing.

    Mainly what I was talking about, I pulled the non-compliant list off of the v410 system bundle.  Created the list and all was good to go.  Or so I thought.  I ran a similar report out of ITA and the same systems that OME "thought" were up to date, were in fact, not.  So I ended up going through all the servers manaully to pull what updates were needed.  This is the whole purpose behind us using ITA or OME.  To make this process most effecient.  Having to go through each server manually and check firmware versions isn't going to work.

  • This is where it gets AWESOME... So the troubleshooting tool fails on SNMP... but ITA's tool is successful... so riddle me that.. :)

  • Yeah, I get this question a lot from folks moving from ITA to OME.  Most of the time it is one of two issues:

    1. Does the SNMP read community string in your OME discovery wizard match the one in the ITA discovery wizard?  Don't forget it is case sensitive (#5 from my prev post).

    2. Look at the SNMP properties on the Managed Node.  Do you have accept packets from any host?  or accept from an IP ?  Is the IP addr the old ITA address or the new OME addr?

    Let me know if it might be one of those.  Otherwise we will dig some more.  



    btw, is the OMSA version different from the one's that work in OME vs. the ones the do not?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the updates. Regarding the software updates, I assume you have created your own repository using Repository Manager. It gives you the option of excluding certain components while generating the repository. If you exclude NICs from the repository and point OME to the new catalog generated by RM(Manage->System Updates->Select Catalog Source), you will not see the NIC drivers in the compliance report in OME. The following white paper might be helpful.



    Compliance reports for OME and ITA are dependent on two things. First is the catalog and second is the inventory information. If they are using different catalogs or have different inventory information for the target(one has recent and other has older inventory) you will see different updates being reported. For the same catalog source and same inventory the same applicable updates will be shown by both tools.



  • So I came back around to this and got a Dell tech on the phone.  First thing he said to do was download new version as 1.0 was "beta."  Wow, I feel better like, I thought this was a working product.  The reinstall produced a better working product but still, we are plagued by discovery not realizing this is a Dell server, Windoze or Linux, neither are reporting well.  I still can't download to a repository.  It is a Dell site problem.  They should just put a link to it on an ftp server so I can go fetch it.  I just realized that the DRAC alone can't even tell me a hard drive failed and the OMSA client can't tell me until it is configured to do so that's a couple hundred manual logins and config.

    At this point I'll ask:  Is there a better way?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the updates. What protocol are you using for discovering the Dell servers? If you have OMSA installed on your target servers, you can use SNMP and OME will detect those as Dell servers. Have you tried looking at the Tutorials? There are tutorials for first time setup and for discovering windows and Linux servers.

    Rgarding the repository, are you using repository manager or are you just pointing OME to If later is the case, OME just needs to download the catalog. It will download the updates later when you create the update task using compliance reports.

    Regarding hard drive failure, I assume you are talking about receiving SNMP traps. You can use windows policies to configure SNMP settings for your servers. That would avoid logging into each server manually.



  • SNMP + OMSA does not equal discovery identifying the server as a Dell on Windows or Linux.  Had Dell guy on site today showed him this.

    Yes it JUST needs to download the catalog but it JUST won't.  Dell rep says it is a long standing site problem and he is frustrated and embarrassed that it still does not work.  there is nothing to tell me specifically what to get off the ftp site so I can't do it manually.

    SNMP is configured on the servers but not within OMSA.  Test traps work.  Totally dead drive.  It showed up in the DRAC log but sent no notifications.

    It's like I have to scratch and claw for every inch gained and it appears no one at Dell has valid answers.  The sad part is this is all there is and it's a POS.  Now with the 12th gen hardware Dell will monitor it for you but still you have to do all this setup yourself or pay Dell to do it.  This means its really not going to work for all the same reasons.

    Is there ANYONE at Dell who can stand up and say "yes I can make this work for you NOW?"  I have a few hundred remote servers and I need to manage them.  I am ready to ask HP to come in, set up a group of servers, load the latest insight manager and update the servers.  I think they could pull this off in about 4 hours including setup.  Then I can tell the bosses, if this functionality is important to them then the low bid server is not the right choice. Dell has failed miserably on this front for years.

  • Hi erlang.  

    Sorry for your challenges.  If you like, PM/Friend me and I can ask you a few more questions about your situation offline.

    Best regards,


  • This is a really old thread, but I just found it from googling "Does dell ome even work?"

    So far, my initial assessment is that it isn't nearly worth the effort. I should be able to enter in a subnet (which is almost entirely iDRACs), enter the iDRAC username and password, and let it do it's thing. Unfortunately, it will find devices, but it won't find any information about them. It can't even tell that it's a dell idrac.

    I even tried installing OMSA on a server and tried discovery and inventory on that. Same result.

    There is other software out there that can do a ping sweep. I'm not quite sure what the point of OME is.

  • Ha!  Thanks for resurrecting this old thread :)

    Were you able to try using the checkboxes in the discovery wizard pages per my suggestion in reply to your thread?

    Let me know and we can go from there.  I've not seen a reply yet.

    And there are things I can do to help get your 1950's going as well.

    Thanks again,