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What software do you need on a server to report to Essentials most accuractely?

  • Simple question, Im looking what to install on my servers that will report to Essentials most accurately? On our network we have 120+ servers some virtual, actual power edge servers, and some desktop servers. Their OS's vary from server 2000 to 2008 as well as REHL.Would I need different versions of OpenManage for each different server? Just trying to get an idea on what is the best approach to start getting all my servers to report accurately to OpenManage Essentials.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your post.

    Easiest answer to this would be to install latest version of Dell OpenManage Server Administrator(OMSA) on all your servers and use SNMP protocol to discover and inventory those. You can take a look at tutorials section in OME which will guide you through the process of installing OMSA on various flavors of Operating System. Let us know how it goes.

    Next thing you would do is setup the trap destination as OME server and that will give you all the functionality and reports in OME.



  • OK. Alot of our servers already have OpenManage but different versions and packages. So the OSMA and using the SNMP protocol will allow it to report to OpenManage Essentials and correctly Identify what type of device it is? Our biggest issue is the devices are categorized as Unclassified. Since some of our servers are being run on desktops. How do I make OpenManage Essentials classify those as servers?

  • Thanks for the updates.

    Can you clarify when you say run on desktops? Are you talking about the OS on those servers being desktop OS like windows 7?

  • I mean the computer are desktop optiplex 780, 7551 etc.. and they are running Windows Server 2003 and 2008.

  • OME is currently designed to support PowerEdge Servers running a server OS.  We don't support Optis running a server OS.  We generally require OMSA for in-band management, and OMSA is not supported on client boxes.  We are looking to add support for Optis in an upcoming release however, stay tuned!



  • Yeah that would be very useful for our network. Is there any application that I could use for our virtual servers that would report back to OME? OME picks up our hyperv servers that host the virtual images but it does not categorize the virtual images as virtual servers.

  • I think the Dell vCenter plugin will do this.  OME will only discover the hardware (ESX/Hyperv) and enumerate the guest OS vms in the details.



  • I notice it says this is for VMware. Would it work for Hyper-V or is there a Different plug in that I could use? A very neat little plug in to say the least.

  • It plugs into VCenter, so I think it is just VMware...thx

  • Is there anything that can be used for hyper-v? Is there any solution to make the virtual images come up under the manage tab so we can see the status or have them appear as a virtual server?

  • I too would like to see some integration for hyper-v in OME. All of my virtuals appear as "unknown" devices and list only NIC details. If only to allow for a tick to be beside them for aesthetics, would be better than the current (non) solution.

  • Thanks for the feedback.

    VMs are moved to unknown because there isn't a notion of hardware health for a VM(shown as green check mark for servers) and OME can't really monitor that part.

    Having said this, we have received feedback from some customers around moving VMs out from unknown group back into the device tree and we'll definitely discuss it for the future OME release.