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Openmanae Essentials Trap Forwarding

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Openmanae Essentials Trap Forwarding

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Hi, ive been looking at Openmanage Essentials over the last few months and have come across an issue with SNMP Trap Forwarding.  Within ITA you setup SNMP Trap forwardiung using Alerts and Filters and when the trap shows on the other end to where youve set the rule up to it shows as the Alert coming from the ITA Server.  However within Openmanage Essentials after setting up the Alerts it is showing the trap from the server with the error not from the Server with Openmanage Essentials (Like ITA did).  Is there a way to change this so all Traps forwarded from the Openmanage Essentials Server show from it's IP Address as apposed to from the Server with the errors address?  The reason I ask to do it this way is all I need to do is add this 1 address into our 3rd party monitoring system (WUG) instead of all our servers address (Will take me weeks)  I hope someone can help?



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  • Thanks for the post.

    Interesting....we actually "fixed" this behavior in OME since we believed the forwarded trap needed the precision of the originating server.

    I wonder if the OME server is buried in the description of the forwarded trap.  Not sure that would be useful to you at any rate (parse?).

    I will forward to the marketing team so we can review the behavior.  And I'll keep an eye out for other WUG users that have the same concerns.  Perhaps we should make this a configurable setting in the trap fwd wizard (e.g., Alert source == OME IP or Server IP).

    But no easy workaround I expect.



    DELL-Rob C
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  • Thanks for the update Rob, if you can keep me updated.