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Installation : Remote Database

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Installation : Remote Database

  • Hello,

    We are reinstalling the product on the Production, and on a remote SQL Database host on an shared Instance.

    The installation process does'nt purpose the name of the Instance, and need the sysu right...

    This is not possible in our case, our Database are named by our services and create by the DBA on the Instance. Then account are created on this database.

    So we need to be able to install the product on a named database without it needed sysu right.

    Is it posssible ?


  • Hi,

    Currently the installer does check for sysadmin privileges. We will take a look at improving this in the upcoming release.

    For now, we have a process for moving and retargeting the DB after installation which may solve your issue. We'll post the document describing this in the white papers section by tomorrow.



  • Document detailing this process is posted below: