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First Impressions of latest release of OME

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First Impressions of latest release of OME

  • When our Dell Rep emailed me last night about the release, I was definitely excited to see what has been changed, added or fixed.

    I have to say, after installing first thing this morning, I noticed that OME is much, MUCH faster.  Switching between screens and views is snappy.  I like!

    I tried this on IE 9, Firefox 11 beta, and Chrome 17.0.963.56 m.  No matter the browser, it is fast.  That impresses me greatly so a person doesn't have to use a specific browser to get better performance out of an application.

    One thing I found was getting Active X to work is something of a bear.  I still have yet to get it to work.  The only thing I am trying to get it to work is for the troubleshooter tool from the page.  I have figured out a workaround by running the troubleshooter tool directly from my desktop.

    I am frustrated with how the Active X will only work installing as an administrator on the workstation, and then doesn't work properly due to restraints in our environment.  It would be nice to see a different option to allow the troubleshooter to run within the site.

    All the other features and eyecandy look awesome and I am looking forward to making this our production app!


  • Agree with you, the performances is better. For the moment no more errors on the interface

  • Thanks for your post and the great feedback. We appreciate the inputs.

    Sorry to hear that you are having some issues in getting ActiveX to work. ActiveX is optional and it is mainly used for launching Remote Desktop and the Troubleshooting tool from OME due to Windows security restrcitions for Silverlight. As you have already figured out, Troubleshooting tool can be launched directly from the desktop as a work around.

    You can check if you see the two entries for ActiveX in the Add remove progams. One should be "ActiveX Client Program" and second is "ActiveX Controller". If both those entries are present, you can close the browser for OME and reopen it and check Console settings under preferences and see if ActiveX status is reported appropriately as installed with a green check mark.



  • In response to your suggestion, I have gone into the control panel | add remove, and I do see both of those.  What I suspect is how Windows 7 handles the user access control since I wasn't able to get the active x to show up in OME as being installed until I launched IE with super user permissions.  After I did get the green check mark, the remote desktop and troubleshoot options were still unavailable.  

    I have pretty much given up on getting this to work for now.  I will get some more cycles sometime next week to look into it again.

    Thanks for such a greatly NEEDED product!  I know this will go very far even though it has just been formally released.  

  • Thanks Again. Do let us know once you have additional feedback.

  • A possible bug I noticed, is that after upgrading to 1.0.1 from open evaluation version our email alerting stopped working.  I noticed that in the email configuration, where it says "check here to use default port" it was unchecked and the port was greyed out... so basically it wasn't set up to use any port at all.  Once I checked the box to use default port, the alerts starting working again.  Just to clarify, alerts were working in 1.0.0 before upgrade.

  • Thanks for the observation. There may be more people who can run into this. We'll add this information to the FAQs.