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Dell OpenManage Essentials 1.0.1 Released

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Dell OpenManage Essentials 1.0.1 Released

  • On February 28th, 2012, OpenManage Essentials 1.0.1 was officially released.  OME 1.0.1 is the followup to the OME 1.0 Open Evaluation.

    Highlights in the new OME 1.0.1 release include:

    • Agent-free monitoring support for 12th Generation servers
    • Addition of more Sample tasks:
    • New Reports
    • New Tutorials
    • Enhanced Browser Support
    • Ability to upgrade from Open Evaluation to official release

    Full details are available in Rob Cox's blog post or in the documentation and README on  


  • Is there a Live CD download?

  • Currently there is no Live CD for OME. The download file is self extracting EXE.

  • Thanks!  Seems like a pretty stable release with some nice new features!

  • Thanks for the good words!  Please keep us posted as to your progress with OME.


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