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Compliant & Non-Compliant list not matching up

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Compliant & Non-Compliant list not matching up

  • I have a server reporting in OME in the server listing as Amber. Logging onto that particular server, SA says that it needs a storage f/w update.

    However, this particular server shows up on the "compliant systems list". It's odd that i only have 5 systems listed in the compliant list, and yet, the sequential servers group listing shows a lot more "Green" systems.

    How can I resolve this inconsistency? I'm unable to force an Update Task against this server to see if that would clear things up. These servers as well as the OME server are rebooted weekly for various reasons.

  • Just to clarify, when you say "sequential servers group listing shows green" what screen are you talking about?  Do you mean the device tree under Manage | Devices?  

    If so, that green icon refers to device health, not patch compliance.  Just wanting to make sure I understand your problem description.



  • What model servers?  How old are they?  I have noticed that the Dell FTP repository eventually drops off very old servers.  I have a few servers that show as compliant but if I load the repository 5.5 which is from early 2009, it shows that these servers do have firmware / drivers available.  You might want to download the Sever Update Utility for that specific server (service tag) and use repository manager to add it to the current Dell FTP repo and make a custom one, so you can ensure that all drivers and firmware are in fact up-to-date.

    Just a thought - but might not pertain to your environment

  • For this particular server, it is a PE1850.

    Rob, yes, I was referring to the left-most pane of managed device list. I realize it is the health indicator. It still remains that when I log into that server, the only indicator that SA is showing me is that it needs storage driver update. None of the logs are showing any problems.

  • Can you also check the System Event Log (SEL) for that server?  It is a tab off the Manage | Device tree on the inventory page.  Sometimes you see problems in that log as well.



  • Looking at this more...

    The response from MikeyB13 might be appropriate here. OMSS/OMSA may be reporting a f/w update needed warning message causing the server to show warning status. Since this is 8G server that update/server model may be too old (OM 7.0 supports 9G and above) and may not be part of the catalog any more. As a result when we compare against catalog data it shows up as compliant.

    Which component and update is reported by OMSA. Once we have that we can cross reference the current catalog to check if that component is present.



  • No problems in the SEL.

    The f/w update it is complaining about is for a Controller PERC 4e/Si:

    Firmware Version 5B2D

    Driver Version

    Storport Driver Version 5.2.3790.3959

    Minimum Required Storport Driver Version 5.2.3790.4173

  • That is a storage error due to a microsoft file being out of date.  it doesn't roll all the way up to the server. -  that is the storport driver fix.  

  • So will this update be available through Windows/Microsoft Update, or do I need to manually download the hotfix?

  • i am pretty sure you need to download it manually.  this hotfix has been out for years.  

  • Thats what I figured, I have recently taken over this role and started noticing these servers with the out of date firmware....