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EMC Clarion Inventory

  • Any suggestions on how to discover and inventory a EMC CX3-20f Clarion SAN within OME? I have configured a monitoring template with my SNMP information but have not been able to find anything else to configure from the Clarion side.

  • Hi Ron,

    I can't remember exactly which model numbers are supported.  But most of the Dell/EMC Clariions should work.  The trick is they have to support naviCLI (or naviSecCli nowadays).

    Support for Dell/EMC arrays requires:

    1. NaviSecCli installed on your OME box (management station).

    2. SNMP enabled on your EMC array (this can be done via Navisphere I believe)

    3. Go to the EMC/Storage page of the discovery wizard and be sure you check EMC and use the right credentials.

    That should be all you need.  Note that OME uses SNMP to 'discover and classify' the array, but it uses NaviSecCli to collect the hardware inventory from the array.

    Also, as usual, the Dell TroubleShooting Tool (installed on your desktop) can be useful in checking to see if your device is properly configured for discovery.

    One last thing, be sure to configure your array to direct alerts to the OME server so you will be able to see any SNMP alerts from the EMC array.

    Good luck,


  • I have the NaviSphere software installed and when I do use the TS Tool the EMC part works and can access the unit but it fails when I try to do SNMP test. It is something on the EMC unit with the SNMP MIBs I think. I will work on it and get back to you with what I find.

  • Ok, yeah, it has been some time back.  But last time I thought I had to click a checkbox to enable SNMP on the array in the Navisphere application.


  • I do get SNMP alerts on my OME console, ex. I rebooted one of the SPs and was alerted to the outage, so the SNMP out is working as I have a Monitoring Template for SNMP to send traps out. I also have enabled the SNMP MIB requests on each SP but still can not get the inventory piece. Plus the TS Tool still fails trying to get the SNMP from the EMC.

  • Ok, alerts is good.  But remember that just because you get SNMP alerts, that does not mean that Navisphere is setup to allow SNMP queries.  That is done with the checkbox I was talking about (but disclaimer is that I have not used Navisphere in a long time).  I just know that it needs to be enabled on the array and this is *not* the same as sending alerts to the OME console.

    Also, the OME installer should carry a version of NaviCLI in one of the install folders.  This needs to be installed on the OME box.  Or you can get a newer version from EMC and install yourself.  

    Has this been done yet?



  • I have the latest version of NaviCLI installed on my OME server.

    I have checked the boxes to Enable the SNMP MIB Requests for each SP on the network which is all that should be needed.

    FYI... There are no firewall between the OME and the EMC either.

    I will keep digging :-)

  • One other useful troubleshooting exercise is to try and run NaviSecCli from a dos/cmd window on your OME server.  Something like navicseccli -getdata -all, ....I can't recall the exact cmd.  But it would test the communication between your OME server and your array.  Good thing to check.

  • Using Naviseccli DOS commands from my OME server work fine, it is the getall switch. I have tried many of the command like commands and they all work fine.

  • Ok, so the navi stuff looks to be in good shape.  We will have to focus on the snmp.  Did you try the snmp TS test with each IP of SPA and SPB?  Can you post a screen shot of the TS test? Mask the ip

  • I posted the Navisphere shot showing the SNMP MIB config for the SPs and then the Dell TS Tool failing on the SNMP test

  • Ok Ron,

    Here is my last shot at my EMC knowledge :-)  If this does not help, we'll have to have you check in with support to see what's up (

    800-945-3355 ).

    Some of this I will post for other folks who need info on EMC.  So apologies if some of this you already know.

    I will add a bunch of screen shots at the end and maybe those will help.

    Each “SP” node (SP A/B), has network settings in the properties.

    When the checkbox for “Enable/Disable processing of SNMP MIB read requests” is checked, the Troubleshooting Tool (TT) can discover the array using SNMP.

    When the checkbox is unchecked, TT cannot discover the array using SNMP.

    I found this forum thread on how to configure SNMP on EMC…it also states that “public” is the default SNMP community string.



    I also found this in a .pdf


    Page 10:

    EMC Disk Library community strings

    If your EMC Disk Library is running version 3.0 or earlier software, the community string for SNMP reads (gets) is “public” and the default when adding a trap destination is also “public” but you may change the community string for EDL traps on a destination by destination basis.


    ***I think this is important ***

    If your EMC Disk Library is running version 3.1 or later software, the community string for SNMP reads (gets) is “DLmonitor” and the default when adding a trap destination is also “DLmonitor”, but you may change the community string for EDL traps on a destination by destination basis.



    It is not possible to alter the community strong for SNMP read (gets) via the EDL Console.


    Here are some screen shots:

    Enable/Disable SNMP service on EMC Array

    SNMP checkbox is checked (screenshot above)

    SNMP checkbox is unchecked (screenshot above)

    “Dell EMC” protocol test (this test works if snmp is unchecked)

    Check EMC Array software version (EMC Array properties in Navisphere (web console) or TT using “Dell EMC” protocol)

    TT showing EMC software version

  • Ha!  Hey that is great news Ron.  Yeah, I'm not too sure about how to change the default.  But I'm glad you are seeing the units now in the tree.  Keep me posted on your progress with OME.