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DRAC ip incorrect

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DRAC ip incorrect

  • The discovery process grabbed an iSCSI nic ip for DRAC access. How might I fix this. Thanks

  • Where are you seeing the IP address mis-reported?  In the server inventory?  Or right-click app launch? elsewhere?

    what protocol did you discover with?

  • Devices, Details, Software Agent Info, Agent Name links to iSCSI nic. Discovery process = SNMP, WMI, IPMI

  • So I'm not entirely sure I understand what you are seeing here.  A drac with an iSCSI ip? hmm..

    Did you discover them both in a single ip range or two discovery ranges.

    You might try deleting the device from the tree, then rediscovering just the server with the SNMP protocol.

    Then let's see what gets displayed.

    You can also use the troubleshooting tool (installed on your desktop) to test the ip addresses of your server and drac to see what gets returned in the test.