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Some systems are not being discovered.

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Some systems are not being discovered.

  • Hi,

    I am working with a customer who has installed OME (a00 v1.0). Installation is sucessful. there are around 1600 servers in the environement. Customer has run the discovery and inventory task across the IP range and has also tested using the import from CSV using the machine hostnames. 

    We can see around 973 servers in the console, the remaining 600 are not showing up (not listed as an unknown device either).

    We have also noticed a strange issue where one system is being resolved as a name which is the short alias of the FQDN (ie, system is named domain) rather than the configured host name. This results in logs in the app log which resemble the below...

    Note: Logs have been scrubbed to remove customer specific details

    "Discovery is re-using the database entry for Device "SHORT DOMAIN NAME" based on name only. Either discovery could not obtain MAC Address information for the device during a previous discovery or there are two devices on the network with the same name."
    where "SHORT DOMAIN NAME" is the short domain name rather than the host name.
    There are a substantial amount of these errors.

    We also see the following..
    "Device name change has been detected based on MAC Address 782bcb2edf3f. (old name: HOSTNAME, new name:SHORT DOMAIN NAME, internal ID: -879977274)"

    And thridly the below error.

    Inventory Manager Exception; Device: -879977274 , Exception: Failed to insert or update records due to non-unique data in columns of table. : Error executing the SQL Statement:INSERT INTO DeviceCapabilities (DeviceCapabilityId,DeviceCapabilityMask,DeviceId) VALUES(?,?,?) Error: SQL_ERROR results: SQL Error State: 23000, Native Error Code: 223, ODBC Error Text: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_DeviceCapabilities_Device". The conflict occurred in database "OMEssentials", table "dbo.Device", column 'DeviceId'. SQL_ERROR results continued: SQL Error State: 01000, Native Error Code: E25, ODBC Error Text: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The statement has been terminated. ODBC_DatabaseConnection::AddTableRow()

    There is only one entry for the "SHORT DOMAIN NAME" object and it seems to correspond with the last logical server in the discovery range.

    Have you seen this error before, can you please advise on next steps for resolution or what further info is required to assist.

    Kind regards,



  • Hi Dan, thanks for the post.  Let me review this.

    Quick question: On the second issue (short domain name...).  Did you try running the Troubleshooting tool (on your desktop) to see if it resolves ok?  If you are using SNMP for all of this (my assumption), the tool should show the OMSA version in the results.


  • The Naming issue is probably DNS related - if you do an NSlookup of the ip address what name is returned?  You can try to use NetBIOS name resolution to see if the issue continues.  Using DNS name resolution is recommended.  These settings are on the Discovery portal page under the Discovery Schedule section.

    As far as the SQL error,  how is your SQL server setup?  (local?, express?, are you a SQL Administrator?)

  • Hi Rob,

    We are using WMI only as the discovery protocol. We have tried a couple of test systems using WMI, IPMI and SNMP, all resulting in the same issue.



  • Hi Victor,

    I will suggest the NetBIOS resloution.

    SQL setup is remote SQL Enterprise, user is a SQL admin.



  • Thanks Dan.  And let me know what the Troubleshooting tool reveals when you try these different protocols as well.  thx. Rob