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Systems Management

Systems Management
Dell Systems Management Solutions: Dell OpenManage, iDRAC, Repository Manager, Microsoft SCCM, Chassis Managment Controller, and more
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  • OpenManage and Cloning/Imaging

    Like with HP SIM or IBM director a unique id is created when installing the management agents. If we want to integrate the management agents into a image, we have to delete some files or registry keys to make the image non unique. Unique id's will be created automatically when the image is deployed...
  • iDrac6 no longer supports .iso mounts??

    Anyone know why the new iDRAC6 no longer mounts ISO images, but rather .IMG now? I have a ton of software .ISO images for my enterprise server environment and do not particularly want to manage two image types, nor spend the time converting to .IMG format. Am I missing something??? Thanks for the help...
  • idrac 6 : user privilege

    How can it be possible to see an account with administrator rights in Idrac GUI and by RACADM CLI to be set None to Idrac user privilege ? I can't understand how it can happen (the account is working fine) GUI Ok CLI : User ID State User Name LAN User Privilege Serial Port User Privilege Serial Over...
  • Dell Poweredge 2950 and dell Power Edge 1850, Dell Poweredge 6850

    Greetings to all, deal all we have servers Dell Poweredge 2950 and dell Power Edge 1850, Dell Poweredge 6850, machines, presently we are plannig to upgrade our O/S to windows 2008R2 i need the exact update of each server ... please advise me
  • Network Enumeraton Issue on Dell Power Edge R710 with Windows 2008 R2

    I'm working on deployment of W2K8 R2 on a number of R710. All servers are to be configured exactly the same. I have a requirement to rename all 4 inbuilt Broadcom NIC ports to specific names and assign fixed IP addresses to them during Windows setup (via setupcomplete.cmd). My problem is that the...
  • Raid

    How can I migrate raid 5 to raid 6 in Power Edge 2950.
  • Configure vCenter Plugin

    Hi, i actually try to configure the vCenter plugin and have a little problem with the connection profiles. The OMSA is installed on my ESXI 4.1 and running. I can access my ESXI via OpenManage. Now, when i create a connection profile and test the connection, every time i became an error like: "Failed...
  • Configuring LAN Parameters on iDRAC 6 Enterprise

    To save costs my employer is moving to racks without physical consoles/KVM installed. But I still need to configure iDRAC6 Enterprise, paricualrly the IP (LAN) and User/Admin username and password. So far I have done this from the rack console on the first boot once the server is installed. Dell don't...
  • Screen Saver on Windows 7 - Inspiron One 23

    I have the Screen Saver set for two minutes - Lagoon - Power Saving that the "dimmer" starts after five minutes and the system goes to sleep after 10 minutes. However the ACreen Saver system doesn't work - is this a conflict between Windows and a Dell Installed product?
  • OMSA 6.4 and haldaemon

    Hi all, I'm installing OMSA 6.4 from the linux repository (with yum) on an R710 running RHEL 5.2 (same on RHEL 5.3) The installation is fine, no problem with this, but I think that the invcol (started at boot-time) is doing an /etc/init.d/haldaemon stop Maybe this is not the invcol, but something...
  • R710 Server Rack Power

    I am trying to size power strips for my server racks which will contain about (13) R710 Servers each with redundant 870W power supplies. I am planning to bring in 208V 3 phase power and am struggling to find power strips to handle what I figure the current I will need. Can someone supply actual data...
  • Need Guidance On MUP Packages

    I need help deciphering the new MUP format for Dell driver and app installs. How does one extract the files so that customization can be done? We need to be able to change the default installation behavior in the enterprise, e.g., prevent rebooting, regulate shortcuts, default configuration settings...
  • firmware update

    hi can i update the firmware of the PE t110 raid controller ( SAS 6/IR ) from the openmanage dvd
  • Driver CAB's for Vostro?

    I know that Vostro's are not enterprise business class systems, but our company has several of these Vosto desktops in our company we'd like to manage through SCCM. Is there any place I can find a driver CAB for Vostro systems (various models, including 430's and 460's)?
  • Latitude E6520 WDS PXE boot problem

    I am trying to use WDS to deploy win7 to out E6520 laptops. i keep getting the error about network drivers needed to be added to Windows PE image. I have tried several times to inject the drivers into the image. But it will not boot at all after I have added anything to the boot.wiim file. i have gone...
  • Apply Firmware updates

    How do you apply firmware updates (BIOS etc) to a DELL poweredge R710 when running VMware ESX4i? Is there a bootable CD that can just do this or do you need to make one all the documentaion I can find keeps pointing to when running Windows OS?
  • iDRAC's and SCOM

    Hello There, I can discover DRACs in SCOM however unable to get any readings from iDracs in my environment. The DELL Management pack indicates I should be able to discover iDRAC's as well as DRAC's. Is there anything specific i need to do to manage and monitor iDRAC's ? Regards Antony
  • Support on Openmanage and download links?!?!

    Hi I have a server model PowerEdge SC1420 and i am trying to install Dell OpenMange I cannot find anything but Server Administrator 5.4 on dell's website, which does not install on my server since its not supported(according to the installation window) I have another server that have OpenManage 6...
  • Repository manager error

    I was having trouble saving a repository to an iso (it kept coming back with an error couldn't verify signature of xxx.exe file), so I uninstalled the repository manager and downloaded and installed the latest version, 1.1.70. Now I am unable to import a repository from the site. It...
  • Using Dell Repository Manager to apply hardware updates on Vmware

    Can I use the Repository Manager to apply updates to Dell Servers (Power Edge R805) if they are running VMWare 3.5? I only see instructions on using 4.0.
  • Total noob seriously needs expert help

    Hi. Here's my situation. My boss has gone on vacation and told me that when he gets back he expects to see our new network configured and running. We have an Equallogic PS6000E with twin controllers/eight NIC ports which needs to be connected to two PowerConnect 5524 switches that are stacked, and...
  • Spelling Error.

    One instance of OpenManage is spelled "OpenMange"
  • PowerEdge R710 loses access to internal disk

    Hello Guys, We've got about 12 R710 boxes running Linux - Oracle VM server (~RedHat 5) - kernel 2.6.18- . Every now and then a server (not always the same) reports that it cannot acces device sda2 (that is the /root file system). The errors I see in the console look like this: "sd...
  • webcam

    how do i enable my webcam on a dell desktop with windows 7 os?
  • SCOM SP1 Becomes unstable after installing the Dell Management Pack v3

    Microsoft released a hotfix for SCOM running SP1 today.