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Systems Management

Systems Management
Dell Systems Management Solutions: Dell OpenManage, iDRAC, Repository Manager, Microsoft SCCM, Chassis Managment Controller, and more
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  • Dell Server Manager VMware Plugin - Trap Community?

    Hi All, Reading through the documentation, it would appear that vSphere Alarms are generated by SNMP Traps being sent to the DSMVMP appliance. Whilst it is clear that you need to specify a destination IP for the traps, I cannot find anything about a specific trap community to send to in the documentation...
  • Dell Plugin - vCenter Role Errors

    Hi Guys, The Dell-Operational Role installed by the Dell Management vCenter Plugin is displaying errors (Image attached) and not working as expected. How can I fix this? Im using vCenter 5.1 and plugin version 1.7.19 (upgraded from 1.7.18)
  • I am having a certificate problem.

    Hi, I am having some certificate problem. When I click on the restore to default certificate it takes a long time.. and never completes. When I click on generate certificate signing request, no matter what I put in, it always gives an error. The error doesn't say much. It says as An unknown exception...
  • Dell Managment vCenter Plugin

    My vCenter server is using non-standard HTTP/HTTPs ports because IIS was already installed on the server and I wanted to make the service seperate. In this case I am using ports 88 and 444 for HTTP and HTTPS, respectively. After properly installing the Dell Management vCenter Plugin, I am not able...
  • Updated Link to Systems Managment Guide

    That link didn't work for me. This one did --
  • Dell Management Plug-in for VMware trial download links

    Good morning Have registered for the 1 host trial and have received all the download information, none of the links work within the installation instructions section and return "550 The system cannot find the path specified" Looking forward to giving this software a go !!
  • OpenManage support for VMware Guests

    In our environment we have 100's of virtual servers provisioned from our VMware infrastructure (which all runs on Dell gear). Typically, we install OMSA on all of physical servers in effort to - not only monitor hardware, but also keep track of server details such as: *Primary Administrator *Emergency...
  • install and manage vmware ESXi using Dell iDRAC6

    I was wondering if its posible to install and manage ESXi using iDRAC6. Also, is there any documentation for this? I have been searching but all I can find is information regarding ESXi and OpenManage.
  • Updating vCenter plugin fails.

    Hi, Today I saw that there was an updated version of this and (without thinking) hit the update button. Now the plugin seems to be stuck with "Now trying a yum update". Is there any way to stop this proccess or do I have to whipe this appliance machine and reinstall? I might add, it have...
  • problem with reference server import

    I have problems importing reference server hardware from existing servers into the Management Plugin. I've followed all the steps on the manuals, I can see the server in the plugin and manage them from there. On some servers I've also updated bios/firmware. All are R710 with internal disks. I...
  • Dell Management Centre (VMware). Deployment wizard Ejects CD Drive

    Hi All, We are currently using the Dell Management Centre plugin for VMware to deploy ESXi Hosts remotely. However there is one annoying thing that is occuring - when the ESXi ISO completes installing, the CD Drive gets ejected. As these are remote sites, it's not particularly easy to get someone...
  • OMSA web site on ESXi

    @Dan: I realize your post is old, but I'll reply for future folks with the same question- You cannot load the web server into ESXi. For most people, you'd just follow the instructions for loading the VIB into ESXi and then load the Windows version of OMSA on to your Windows client. From there...
  • Hello Everyone Welcome you all to share your ideas here.

    Can any one tell me how can i learn VMware.
  • Meaning of "System Board 1 LCD Cable Pres 0: Connected"

    Hello, we have R420 server without front lcd panel, just with control leds. It's running esxi 5.1 This is, what i get from check_esxi_wbem (check hw status of server thru vmware web service) script in nagios "System Board 1 LCD Cable Pres 0: Connected" Does anybody know,...
  • VMware Management Plugin & Internet Explorer 9

    Hi, It seems that the current version of the Dell Management Plugin for VMware vCenter does not support IE9 on the computer that the vCenter client is running. I am getting SSL errors or the Adobe Flash component not loading, but on servers/workstations with IE8 the plug-in works fine. Has anybody...
  • Cannot upgrade system firmware from vCenter Management Plugin

    I'm currently experiencing an issue with a single server in our vSphere 5 farm. We have about two dozen systems currently under the vCenter Management Plugin and don't really have many issues updating these devices but I have one R610 which refuses to apply updates any longer. Here's...
  • Settng up a Full OMSA Instance as a Proxy for an ESXi Instance

    The text on this page mentions: Once this has been installed, you will still not be able to access the normal OMSA Web site which is accessed via https://:1311/ if you do want to access this you will need to install the ‘Dell OpenManage Server Administrator Managed Node’ onto a Windows or...
  • DELL 2145cn

    Curious if DELL 2145cn Printers are able to copy/print transparencies?
  • Suggestions for future versions of the Dell Management Plug-In

    Please place suggestions for new features on this thread. Thanks!
  • Unable to register a new VCENTER server Dell plugin for VMWARE VCENTER

    Hello all! I downloading and installed the dell plugin for vcenter 1.6 following the setup instructions everything was going well up to the point where you add the server for the first time on the dell administration web console I get this message: An unknown exception has occurred and has been...