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Systems Management
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  • CCTK Won't reset the bios

    I'm using CCTK to apply some BIOS changes to several different systems. I want to set the BIOS back to defaults before applying the new changes. --sysdefaults=reset works on the newer systems, but doesn't work on the older computers like the Optiplex 755 and 960. I get the error "Either...
  • CCTK Log File

    I am pushing the exported exe from CCTK as a package via Kaspersky. I am using local workstation credentials to authenticate the install. Kaspersky is reporting that the exe completed the process successfully, but I want to verify this by looking at the log that the exe creates. I cannot find it, however...
  • Re: CCTK LCD Brightness,Password Change, Wake on LAN/WLAN

    Hi Shrinidhi, Firstly, thank you for the prompt reply. Here is a screenshot of the "Allow Non-Admin Password Changes" setting. Here is the entry for --setuppwd in the 2.2 reference guide CCTK 2.2 Reference guide --setuppwd Valid Argument <password> Description...
  • CCTK - Can you remove a previous password?

    I work with an enterprise environment and am configuring our Dell machines to enable and activate TPM. We have some areas where BIOS passwords may have been set, which the IT department do not know what they are. During our SCCM task sequence we would like it to auto-magically set the BIOS password to...
  • Removing System (Power-On) Password via VBScript

    I am trying to create a VBscript that once run will go through the following process:- Get Computer Name Modify Computer Name to match unique password on laptop Run command using CCTK to remove password on laptop. I have got so far as writing the script to get the value, replace the...
  • Using CCTK to set ME options?

    Is there a way to use CCTK or another simple tool to set ME (esp for AMT-DASH-VPRO as found on optiplex 755/760/780/790 machines)? We currently have to go into MEBx (Ctrl-P), set a new password and disable the ME (we don't use ASF/AMT yet and it causes networking problems for us since trsaffic to...
  • CCTK LCD Brightness,Password Change, Wake on LAN/WLAN

    Hi, Can CCTK change: 1. Security-->Password Change-->"Allow Non-Admin Password Changes" 2. Video--> LCD Brightness-->"Brightness On Battery" & "Brightness On AC" 3. Power Management-->Wake on LAN/WLAN--> I don't see these BIOS...
  • Reset BIOS to the system defaults

    I don't see a command to reset the BIOS to defaults. I am hoping I am missing it. --cmosdefaults does not seem to do it. Please let me know if there is a way to do this.
  • Sample Task Sequence to enable TPM with ConfigManager?

    Where can I download it from? The link here indicates that I should be able to import it directly into ConfigMgr: Step 3 3) Import the DellEnableTPM.xml Task sequence.
  • Latitude 10 and CCTK

    CCTK doesn't seem to support my Latitude 10 tablet, possibly just because it wants to fit in with virtually every other tool in my box. Is there any plan to support this charming device?
  • CCTK and Windows 8 (Windows 6.2 PE)

    Will there be an update for CCTK to support Windows 8... more specifically Windows 6.2 PE? We are using SCCM 2012 SP1 and not having success with BIOS config in this environment... While it worked fine with Windows 7 PE environment.
  • Can we have more Command sample?

    Thank you Ramseyg, I would like to know more command if it is available for CCTK? Like to disable 'Instrusion dectection chassi' or clear it like to enable / disbale ' pxe-boot' if it is disabled Is there all the command we have for CCTK? Thank you in advance if you help me with this...
  • CCTK valsetuppwd not working on all dell models

    I have confirmed this issue with both the GUI configuration wizard and through command line. I can use --valsetuppwd to supply the bios password and then use setuppwd to change it but when I used --valsetuppwd to supply the password and then try to apply a change or use -i to run against an ini or...
  • Deploying BIOS settings via SCCM

    I used CCTK to create a SCE containing BIOS settings for an Optiplex 990. When I manually run the SCE with admin credentials it configures the BIOS settings fine. When I create a software package in SCCM it fails to apply the settings. The program is set to run with admin rights. Looking at the execmgr...
  • Re: BIOS Update with password

    The whitepaper for enabling TPMs with CCTK's 2.0+ SCE feature goes over setting/specifying BIOS passwords so that should help you. FYI, question 20 of the CCTK FAQ says SCE passwords are encrypted. I have no idea how good the encryption is though. I wish there was a way to pass an encrypted password...
  • Re: CCTK crashing when performing &quot;RunAs&quot;

    What is the error code? I've noted this on the CCTK Known Issues page .
  • RE: Dell BIOS Updates issues

    Unfortunately older BIOS updates don't have a /p argument to supply the password. I've had to use CCTK to clear the password, apply the BIOS update and reboot, and then set the password back. You can also check if the update applied successfuly by using the --completioncode command in CCTK.