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R620 iDRAC Won't Initialize After Firmware Update

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R620 iDRAC Won't Initialize After Firmware Update

  • Hi

    I have a couple of R620s that won't boot after updating the iDRAC firmware.

    I updated the BIOS manually, then used the latest update ISO to patch everything, including the iDRAC, PERC and NICs.

    Now booting both servers results in  "Error! Unable to initialize iDRAC. Rebooting".

    This happens just after the memory initialization, and I can't get to the BIOS or do anything.

    I've tried holding the i button and the power button for a minute with power disconnected, resetting the NV RAM via the motherboard jumpers, and removing the BIOS battery, but to no avail.

    Anyone have anything else I can try to salvage these servers?

  • Found a fix. After letting the iDRAC initialization fail three times and auto-reboot, the server eventually asks if you want to bypass the iDRAC.

    Then I could start the boot manager. I rolled back the BIOS update and the issue went away.

  • It is usually recommended to update the iDRAC first, then BIOS, then other items.