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Dell R740/R740xd iDRAC Issues

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Dell R740/R740xd iDRAC Issues

  • Hey Guys/Gals,

    My company has ordered ~300 Dell R740s/R740xd, so far we've had issues on every single server. There are 4 different issues so far;

    1. iDRAC Initilization Errors
    2. 10G Ports Won't Link
    3. iDRAC Command-Line stops working
    4. racadm commands won't work.

    So far, the only fix we've found is to do a Power Drain, however this isn't possible, considering we've got another 1,000 servers coming in, and we already have ~300 servers racked.

    Has anyone else had any problems with this so far? I know these are fairly new but this many issues is a bit nuts.

    A VMWare DC Tech

  • Thomas,

    Sorry to hear about your issues.  Could you please email me directly so I can be of further assistance? 

    thanks -


    Doug Iler

    iDRAC Product Manager

    Dell EMC | Infrastructure Solutions Group

    office  +1 512 728 1904

  • Update -- and hopefully this may help others as well.

    The issue was caused by an older version of the OpenManage Essentials.  There is a new version of OME available that supports the Dell EMC 14th generation PowerEdge servers.

    Please visit for latest information and download.


  • Good find! We were starting to worry if something was about to hit us that we didn't know about.....


  • Hey Doug,

    Thanks for the response. I find this odd because I updated to v2.3 of OME before we deployed any 14th Gen servers. I'll send you an email, and include the Tech working on this specific deployment. Sorry for the late response, I've been swamped with network audits.

  • I read from some topic that you should upgrade BIOS too. Did you try it? 

  • My company is likely to be ordering some 14th gen servers in the very near future too. Can you explain what the resolution to your problem was?

    I was planning to just update OME to 2.3 prior to adding the 14th gen servers, but judging from this thread that won't necessarily prevent problems. I'd like to "head them off at the pass" if I can.