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  • Hello,

    I have a couple hundred Dell computers that I use Dell Command monitor on. All computers are Windows 7 64 bit. I have attempted to use Open management essentials to get Raid Status failure or degrade status on all computers. (All computers run Raid 1). Sadly, the information I have received only shows in hardware logs which is not very helpful.

    My next move was to simply pull all Log entries thru DCIM_Logentry and place all information inside a excel document. From there I organized as needed based on the Alert Long Entries.

    This works fantastically for me but I  have run into a small roadblock. I cannot find a way to clear the DCIM_logentry alerts after I have repaired the equipment failure. 

    Looking thru Dell's documentation I have found information of clearing some log information thru the DCIM_Recordlog  and clearlog command but that does not seem clear what I need. 

    Is there a way thru powershell, vb script or simply cmd to clear log entries in DCIM_logentry?

  • Update:

    I have found that I am able to clear the DCIM_logentry information by un-installing Dell Command Monitor software and then rein-stalling it. It is definitely not a ideal format due to the number of PC's I am monitoring but a start.