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replace idrac 7 express in T620 with enterprise or bypass it completely

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replace idrac 7 express in T620 with enterprise or bypass it completely

  • we have a T620 that is currently reporting an iDrac initialization error, we can press F1 to bypass and boot the unit.  leaving the unit unplugged for an hour and also using the button in the front to soft reset have not cleared the error.  when i go into the system bios i cannot enter the idrac menu, it says it cannot communicate with the idrac system.  we don't use idrac for management and i would be happy to just turn it off if i could get to that bios menu.  otherwise the system seems fine.

    this system needs to be able to auto restart in the event of a power failure.

    i called dell parts sales to get a replacement idrac unit and they say they cant find a part in the catalog and suspect its an express that is built into the motherboard, they do not have replacement motherboards available.  

    a google search tells me that this system probably came with either an idrac 7 express or enterprise (the service tag support page does not have idrac listed as a part)

    searching secondary parts sources i found idrac enterprise cards that are definitely a separate card.  if i 'upgrade' the idrac to enterprise, will this bypass the failed onboard card?

    thanks for your help.

  • For iDRAC7 to go from express to Enterprise is just adding a license key. No hardware additions.

    You may have a bad mobo.

  • thanks for the reply.  if its a case of a bad motherboard and dell no longer stocks them i guess we need to look at a replacement server.  the only thing im still confused about is i keep seeing separate idrac units listed as available for this model server on other websites, which would imply that its not built in to the motherboard.  i tried to pin down dell on the issue since they couldn't find a part number for the idrac for the T620 and only guessed its on-board, but they weren't sure.  i guess the next step is to open the server up and take a look.

  • I don't run any T series only R so I can't directly compare.

    At the end of this pdf is a board diagram for the T620.

  • thanks! taking a look now.

  • yeah, the idrac express is definitely on the motherboard.  its to bad because otherwise the the server is running like a champ but if parts of the board are failing we have to pull it.   this might not be the right place to ask, but since Dell doesn't have any more motherboards for this model, does anyone know of another good source for dell replacement parts? preferably new,, i wouldn't want to use a second hand server board.  i'd love to get the server back online to use as a backup server.