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Documentation for OMSA 8.5

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Documentation for OMSA 8.5

  • Is there a user guide for OMSA 8.5? I can't find it on any of the OMSA pages.

  • Here you go.

    The PDF version works.

  • Thanks, but there's no User Guide there like there was with older versions (e.g. 8.1). The Storage Management user guide link goes nowhere.

  • I see that link is also going to the wrong document. I've contacted the people responsible and I hope it gets fixed soon.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Okay thanks. I think you're referring to the PDF displaying the installation guide instead of the user guide. The text of the link is wrong in any case, and very misleading - the OMSA user guide is not the same as the "Server Administrator Storage Management User Guide", as can be seen by going to the page for OMSA 8.4 manuals. They are different documents.