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How to get racadm dump of UEFI settings? ("Device Settings" in gui)

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How to get racadm dump of UEFI settings? ("Device Settings" in gui)

  • We're trying to make mass changes to PCI-E settings on a cluster we purchased, but we notice that while using the XML settings in RACADM seems to dump most things, we do not see any settings for things that are under "Device Settings" in console/GUI.

    Is there a programatic way to get at these?  I really don't want to manually change hundreds of machines.  We are a Linux shop so we're using racadm remotely.


  • You can view all possible settings remotely using ssh from a remote server bash shell:

    ssh root@IP.IP.IP.IP racadm get

    Of course change root to the DRAC admin user if not default of root and change IP.IP.IP.IP to the DRAC IP.

    That get command will list the major categories:


    Then to view deeper into any of those (iDRAC for example) you add them to the command:

    ssh root@IP.IP.IP.IP racadm get iDRAC

    This will list all attributes in the iDRAC section. To dig deeper say into SNMP you would would append it to its parent with a dot like this:

    ssh root@IP.IP.IP.IP racadm get iDRAC.SNMP

    This will list all editable features in SNMP such as AgentCommunity, AgentEnable, AlertPort etc..

    If you want to view just one of those say AgentCommunity just append it to the previous string with a dot.

    ssh root@IP.IP.IP.IP racadm get iDRAC.SNMP.AgentCommunity


    If you wish to edit this single attribute change get to set and add your new entry:

    ssh root@IP.IP.IP.IP racadm set iDRAC.SNMP.AgentCommunity something

    Object value modified successfully

    Run the get again to confirm:

    ssh root@IP.IP.IP.IP racadm get iDRAC.SNMP.AgentCommunity


    Some entries will require a lifecycle controller job that will run on server reboot if you change them via racadm. What attributes specifically are you trying to change?

  • Once you figure out what attributes you need to change you can make a bash script and for loop through all your DRACs that require this change.

  • Thanks for the comments, but this doesn't help with access to the HII / UEFI segments of the PCI-E devices.