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OMSA on XenServer

  • For the past few releases of OMSA, support for Citrix XenServer has been dropped entirely.  As a result, we were forced to use older versions of OMSA (which required workarounds to even install) on our XenServer 6.5 SP1 installations.

    Now that XenServer 7.0 is here, does Dell intend to re-introduce OMSA support for this OS?  If not, can someone (from Dell) explain why?

    If OMSA on XenServer will no longer be an option, are the same alerting and management features available through the DRAC to our OME instance?  I assume I would need to switch from using SNMP via OMSA over to WMI via DRAC?

  • I do not know the reason why we dropped it, so can't help you with that part.

    The other part is yes if you have 12G (R620, R720, M620, etc) or newer servers, than you will not lose any functionality by switching to the iDRAC monitoring. The correct protocol would be WS-MAN and not WMI by the way. There is a script in the Whitepaper section that you can use in OME to directly configure all iDRAC's to point their SNMP alerts to OME as well as enabling all the required alerts and settings.

    If you have 11G (R610, R710, M610, etc) servers than you can still monitor them Out-of-Band on the iDRAC but you will lose the Storage monitoring because our iDRAC's back than did not have access to the PERC.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    So, just to clarify, should I be using WS-MAN or SNMP for monitoring the server via the iDRAC?  Will I lose features choosing one protocol over the other?

  • You should choose WS-MAN, that way you won't lose any functionality on 12 and 13G servers. With 11G servers you will lose storage monitoring of the physical disks.

    Just use the guide discovery wizard and chose the correct device and it will select the appropriate protocol.