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Dell Command Configure (CCTK) Sets Asset Tag, but does NOT change SMBIOSAssetTag

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Dell Command Configure (CCTK) Sets Asset Tag, but does NOT change SMBIOSAssetTag

  • I am using Dell Command | Configure - previously known as CCTK - to set/change Asset tags on Dell Latitude E7450 notebooks.  I am able to use

    cctk.exe --asset=##### --valsetuppwd=password successfully set the asset tag, which reflects in the BIOS upon restart.

    I can then use

    cctk.exe --asset

    to view the newly set asset tag.


    wmic SystemEnclosure get SMBIOSAssetTag

    still displays the original asset tag, and not the newly changed asset tag.

    Is this value hard-coded at the time the original asset tag is set, and therefor unchangeable by CCTK?

    If this is the case I need to forward this information on to the rest of my team so they aren't pulling the wrong asset tags on systems that have had their asset tag info changed with CCTK.

    Otherwise, how can I ensure the value of SMBIOSAssetTag matches the value of the asset tag displayed at the BIOS level?

    Thanks for your support.

  • Hi Z_M_C,

    It is possible to change Asset tag from DCC (cctk.exe).

    The command to view the current asset tag from BIOS is cctk.exe --asset. Please try this command.

    Changes done to BIOS will immidiately reflect in DCC.


    You should be able to verify the change after you reboot the system in BIOS screen and wmic command that you have given above.

    Shrinidhi Katte

    Software Dev. Senior Engineer

  • You are correct; my original test results seem flawed.  It appears it sets it correctly.

    Thanks for the quick follow up.

  • Thanks for getting in touch.

    Shrinidhi Katte

    Software Dev. Senior Engineer

  • Hello,

    This problem is occurring once more for me!  I set the Asset tag via CCTK (Dell Command | Configure). 

    After setting the asset tag a reboot is required for the system/BIOS to reflect new service tag

    • After reboot, the BIOS reports the new/correct service tag
    • After reboot, wmic SystemEnclosure get SMBIOSAssetTag reports the original/bad service tag
    • Only after reboot, cctk.exe --asset reports the new/correct service tag

    For this machine, SMBIOSAssetTag refuses to change whatsoever.

    Do you have any ideas why this is happening?

  • Hello all,

    I have found a solution to my issue!  This partial asset set is the result of an incomplete HAPI install on the target system.   Simply kicking off HAPIInstall.bat prior to trying to call cctk.exe on the target system corrects this issue.  Then HAPIUninstall.bat can optionally be called at the end to clean up the system.

    I wanted to let you know just in case other people encounter this issue.

    Thank you.

  • Simply does NOT work on R720 with 2012 R2

    Installed HASPI

    Run cctk.exe --asset=MYASSET

    Rebooted, result is nothing.

    C:\X86_64>cctk.exe --asset

    C:\X86_64>wmic SystemEnclosure get SMBIOSAssetTag

    Tried to use

    PlatformTags32 RPT

    from here and it simply crash/rebooted the server in one go!

    Not healthy

    had to go to BIOS & set asset there in the end

  • Hi SPGSIT,

    Thanks for the post.

    Dell Command | Configure is focused towards supporting Dell Enterprise Client Systems only and its not supported on Dell Enterprise Server. With this it also brings in OS support where Dell Command Configure is not supported on Windows Server 2012 R2 as it is only supported on Client OSes, i.e Windows 7, 8.1, 10.. as supported by Dell Enterprise Client systems.

    Hope this helps!