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CCTK LCD Brightness,Password Change, Wake on LAN/WLAN

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CCTK LCD Brightness,Password Change, Wake on LAN/WLAN

  • Hi,

    Can CCTK change:

    1. Security-->Password Change-->"Allow Non-Admin Password Changes"

    2. Video--> LCD Brightness-->"Brightness On Battery" & "Brightness On AC"

    3. Power Management-->Wake on LAN/WLAN-->

    I don't see these BIOS options in the 2.2 Command Line Interface Reference Guide document.

    I have a fairly large laptop deployment coming up (mostly Latitude), and the ability to change these settings would be great using a portable exe.


  • Hi User20,

    CCTK can do many of the things being requested.

    1. It is possible to change or clear password

    Eg. CCTK --setuppwd=<new password> --valsetuppwd=<old password>

    2. Wake on lan

    Refer to the help provided in the command CCTK -h wakeonlan

    Refer to for more info.

    Shrinidhi Katte

    Software Dev. Senior Engineer

  • Hi Shrinidhi, 

    Firstly, thank you for the prompt reply. Here is a screenshot of the "Allow Non-Admin Password Changes" setting.

    Here is the entry for --setuppwd in the 2.2 reference guide

    CCTK 2.2 Reference guide


    Valid Argument


    Description: Sets the setup password. An argument is required. The password cannot be reported.Initially you can set the password. If you want to remove the password, provide one blank space and the old password.


    To set the password:
    C:\>cctk --setuppwd=<new-password>

    To change the password:
    C:\>cctk --setuppwd=<old-password> --valsetuppwd=<new-

    To remove the password:
    C:\>cctk --setuppwd= --valsetuppwd=<old-password>

    Does --setuppwd apply to the "Allow Non-Admin Password Changes" checkbox setting ? 


  • Hi User20,

    CCTK requires password for setting any value if Setup password has been set for consistency.

    Shrinidhi Katte

    Software Dev. Senior Engineer

  • Hi Shrinidhi,

    I'm aware that CCTK requires the BIOS setup  password for changing settings. Since --setuppwd does not apply to the setting  "Allow Non-Admin Password Changes", is there any other way CCTK can change this, or planned to add this feature in future release ?

  • Hello User20 - I know this is a very old and probably stale post, but I was wondering if you ever got an answer to the "Allow Non-Admin Password Changes" issue with CCTK.  I'm in version 3.1.2 and am having the same issue.

  • any answer for this, am need it as well.