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Can query but not set OMCI

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Can query but not set OMCI

  • Hi,

    I can query OMCI ok but the set command doesn't seem to take affect. I'm using powershell.

    gwmi -namespace root\dellomci dell_SMBIOSSEttings | foreach {$_.LowPowerS5=3; $_.Put()}

    If I then run
    (gwmi -namespace root\dellomci dell_SMBIOSSEttings).LowPowerS5
    It returns 2

    Am I missing a security feature/setting that should be set after installing OMCI? I checked the install guide but could find nothing.



  • From OMCI 8.0 release onwards Legacy namespace is read-only.

    Standard name space can be used to set the BIOS attributes using the method DCIM_BIOSService.SetBIOSAttributes().  Please enumerate DCIM_BIOSEnumeration to check the name of attributes.