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  • Hello,Am an Engineer @ HP,sometimes the password calvin doesn't work.So,can any1 tell me from where & how to change the password without getting into DRAC remotely........

    DRAC password am not having and I need to chenge the password for this .................
  • Install OMSA on the server in question with the DRAC that needs to be reset. Part of the OMSA suite will be the "racadm" command line tool which you can use to initiate a "racresetcfg" .. this will reset the DRAC to factory defaults :

    C:\Program Files\Dell>racadm

    RACADM version 6.1.0 (Build 118)
    Copyright (c) 2003-2008 Dell, Inc.
    All Rights Reserved

    RACADM usage syntax:



    racadm getsysinfo
    racadm getsysinfo -d
    racadm setniccfg -s
    racadm getconfig -g cfgLanNetworking

    Display a list of available subcommands for the RAC:

    racadm help

    Display more detailed help for a specific subcommand:

    racadm help


    Remote RACADM usage syntax:

    racadm -r -u -p
    racadm -r -i

    The "-i" option allows the username and password to be entered interactively.


    racadm -r -u racuser1 -p aygqt12a getsysinfo

    Display a list of available subcommands for the remote RAC:

    racadm -r -u -p help

    Display more detailed help for a specific subcommand:

    racadm -r -u -p help


    C:\Program Files\Dell>racadm racresetcfg
    The RAC configuration has initiated restoration to factory defaults.
    Please wait up to a minute for this process to complete before accessing
    the RAC again.

    Hope that helps.
  • hello...am remotely sitting and the server is a baremetal,nothing installed....so,I have to access it remotely and always when getting problem regrding the DRAC we have to ask the onsite guys for help.So,I need to know whether is it possible to rest the password for DRAC remotely so that i can login to the server and install evrything without disturbing the onsite guys....
  • Still slightly confused. You can change the password remotely using the RACADM command from ANY machine that can get to the IP address of the DRAC in question. RACADM does not have to be installed locally, BUT you would have to know the password in order to change the password.

    If you don't know the password, the only way the command will work is if it IS installed locally. You can also run these commands from the DTK environment while booting the SBUU CD on the baremetal machine. But that requires assistance from someone onsite if you don't have the password to the DRAC so that you can remote mount the media.

    Looks like you have a "chicken and egg" problem.

    If I'm still totally off base, please clarify .. you know the existing password on the DRAC, or not ?
  • thank you so much scott.....................sometimes the DRAC password I won't be knowing....so,in order to make it as factory default I have to follow up above mentioned step .....

    could you pls elaborate this "If you don't know the password, the only way the command will work is if it IS installed locally"....how to check it..?

    thanks again for reply....
  • Elaborating ..... the RACADM command works both locally and remotely. If I specify an IP address and login information with the RACADM command, it will execute the command against the server with that IP addresses.

    You can also run the command without specifying an addresses. In that case it will execute against the DRAC that is in the machine from which the command is run.

    For example, if you have a 2950 with Windows 2003 Server and OMSA installed ... when you execute "racadm racresetcfg" it will run against that 2950.

    So if the OS is still up and you can RDP into that 2950, you can run the command locally and reset the config, set the IP address, etc.

    Make sense ?
  • 1. Log in into the iDRAC.

    2. Under iDRAC Settings, go to User Authentication.

    3. Click the User ID number of the root account.

    4. The Configure User radio button should already be checked, Click NEXT.

    5. Enable the Change Password checkbox

    6. Enter the new password in the fields for New Password & Confirm New Password. Click Apply.

    7. Logout & back into the iDRAC to verify the change.