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DMC 2.0 support in virtual environment

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DMC 2.0 support in virtual environment

  • I have installed DMC 2.0.0 console on virtual machine, all managed Dell servers ale physical. I had some problems with it, so I've opened a support case on ProSupport. Their answer was that DMC is not supported in virtual environment. I don't agree with them, because Altiris 7.1 platform is supported in virtual.
    Please, what is the truth ?
  • According to this:

    section 2.12 states:

    [2.12] Can I install DMC in a Virtual Machine?
    Virtual Machines (VM) - DMC 1.0.2 and above can be installed in a virtual
    machine (ESX 3.5 U2).
    Dell Management Console is tested to install in the following
    VM environment:
    --ESX 3.5 U2
    Other notes for VM installs:
    --Minimum 4GB Virtual RAM
    --Minimum 4 Virtual Processors
    --Physical server should have VT enabled processors
    --Use a remote SQL database (physical server)
    --Variations on this configuration may work, but have not been tested.
    --See - 45258 and 45257 for additional details.

    DMC 1.1 can be installed on ESX 3.5 U2/U4

    So yes, it's supported. I call shenanigans on their answer! It's supported BUT ... make sure of the caveats above....
  • Now that I think about it -- what is the Guest OS that you're running this on? Windows 2008 Server R2 Standard 64-bit? If it's a 32 bit OS, it's a dealbreaker. The 32-bit version I don't believe is supported in a virtual environment.
  • According to this site: It mentions that it is only supported on Windows 2008 Server R2 64-bit I believe.
  • I've just set up DMC 2.0 on a W2K8 R2 SP1 Hyper V. It's running, though until the implementation guide is available, I can't confirm that it is problem free.