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Reset BIOS to the system defaults

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Reset BIOS to the system defaults

  • I don't see a command to reset the BIOS to defaults. I am hoping I am missing it. --cmosdefaults does not seem to do it. Please let me know if there is a way to do this.
  • OK. I'll check with the CCTK team.
  • The Dev team says that there isn't a "reset BIOS defaults" option in the current version of CCTK 2.0. But they will look at adding it into a future release.
  • 1. please press F2 into the BIOS setting menu during post,
    2. press "ALT+F" to restore factory default
    3. press "ESC" and save the change
  • cool thanks ,.
  • I have a new E6320 and when I set up my fingerprint reader it asks me to sign in pre-boot and during the Windows load. I can sign in to both with my fingerprint, and I can sign in to Windows with either my fingerprint or my Windows password, but when I try to make any changes in the Dell Access application it asks for my pre-boot password. I never set one that I know of it and it won't take my Windows password. Is there a default password or someway to change the pre-boot password?
  • Once you do this nothing happens! Why because you're locked out of BIOS by the Admin. Password! If you don't know it your screwed!

    I did manage to get my Laptop to boot up finally by hitting esc on the first boot then restarted my PC.After which I was able to at least get into BIOS to reset my system password.Once I did this when I get the dreaded you need the System or Admin. Password in order to boot into my OS.I am able to run my PC.

    I'll be damned if I'm going to pay for some idiot locking the BIOs with an admin.P.W.! This is a refurbished Laptop and it should have been reset before it was sold to Me or never shipped! At least the Owner of the Company called Me personally to apologize,shipped me another Laptop at no cost and told me to do what ever I wanted with the locked Laptop.I was going to  use it for spare parts but now that I have it working,I'd love to be able to reset the *** Admin password or reset it to the factory setting of NOT HAVING ONE. :P Spent the last 3 Months looking and trying codes removing the CMOS battery;which,all it did was reset the time zone and time! No Jumper to move over a pin so *** Dell.You doing this intentionally to make more money or what!??? It's not enough We fork out Hundreds for a PC and you want more for a simple assed code! :( ***,get real. Sorry but I can't work due to a medical condition so no income =no more money from Me!!! I got into my system any way.HA!